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Your Conduct Matching Your Beliefs

Posted by Men of Redemption on August 29, 2011


VOLUME 1 ARTICLE 49 Aug. 2011

Character Building: Your Conduct Matching your Beliefs

Looking back at that season of discontent and confusion in my life, which wasn’t that long ago I might add, I was a very bad person. Selfishness and pride were the main identifying characteristics of my life as a young adult and a good part of my adult life as well. I learned from the best as they say, and I didn’t want to fail at it either. Some would say I’m rude. Others would say I’m conceited. But many would say I was just a typical male who really doesn’t know what he wants out of life and he’s lost. My attitude was I didn’t care what people thought because they’re not me. All my friends were doing the same thing so that’s what I was familiar with back then. The real surprising thing about me was I professed that I was a child of God, a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ.

There’s a thought for you. Here is a man, living a life observed by many as a womanizer, a self-centered jerk and one who is full of himself but claims he’s a Christian!

I was going to church every week. I attended a few Bible studies a month. I made cameo appearances at several of the church functions. I also gave every week during offering. I thought I was doing okay. I was also reading my Bible at least once a day. There. But I also was doing my own thing on Friday and Saturday nights on the club scene. As long as I was going to church and making some kind of effort I thought all was good. Until the fruits of that labor caught up with me and exposed me for who I really was.
I wasn’t fooling anybody but myself. The real Christians knew who I was and they tried to bring me to understand my actions just weren’t producing the fruits of the Spirit as the Bible suggests(Galatians 5:22). Being hardheaded and obnoxious as I was, I didn’t listen or take heed, until I had a crisis of truth. When it became evident that I was about to lose pretty much everything I worked for to that point in my life, reality snapped in and I got a wake-up call real fast. I was afraid when I realized that I could lose everything, my wife, my family, my possessions and possibly my life!

At that point in my life I started to open my eyes and look at what was really important to me; life, my marriage, my family, God. My conduct was unbecoming of my self-proclaimed “Christian” belief because my conduct wasn’t matching up with my beliefs. I was living one way and believing another. There was no continuity in my life. People were hearing one thing coming out of my mouth and seeing something totally different.
I realized that I could no longer profess something and do the opposite. That was hypocrisy and abomination to be real about it. God was not pleased with me or what I was doing with my life.
Several Christian friends shared with me the book of James in the Bible, where it talks about being a doer of the word and not just a hearer (James 1:22). They confronted me and showed me that my life has to match up with everything I say and do. I can’t be one way and turn around and be another way. There was no consistency in my character or my personality. After identifying with that encouragement I learned the hard way that if I wanted to call myself a Christian I had to understand and live by the guidelines of the Bible. I felt bad and devastated on how much I let God down and the pain and frustration I caused others because of my actions. Conviction set in and I repented, opting to turn from my deceptive conduct and turn toward living for God as I should have been.
With this revelation and recommitment I started to allow God to manifest His presence in my life by submitting to Him and His Holy Spirit through obedience to Him, and denying self. I wanted my life to match the beliefs I had in my heart and what I learned from God’s word. This was indeed a process, but a process I was willing and dedicated to endure with everything in my being. I wanted change, and I wanted peace for the first time in my life. Franklin Graham observed . . .

“Believe and do what God says. The life-changing consequences will be limitless, and the results will be confidence and peace of mind.”

Living my life according to the word has become more than just trying to do it. It has become my lifestyle. It is a part of my character, my daily activity, when I wake up and when I lay it down. I heard this statement in a service many years ago from a former pastor in California back in the 80’s when he said “Our lives should be where we should be walking so loud people can’t hear what we’re saying.” What a witness that can be. That is what I strive to do everyday God gives me life to glorify His Name.

Men of Redemption 2011


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Making Peace with the Past

Posted by Men of Redemption on August 22, 2011


VOLUME 1 ARTICLE 48 Aug. 2011

Character Building: Making Peace with the Past

It’s such a revelation when we have overcome the many obstacles of our lives and start to live in the newness of life. We look back and see the all the bad things and situations we got ourselves into and ask ourselves “Really, was I that bad? Did I really cause that much hurt and damage to all those people?” Some of us will begin to feel bothered by those experiences because we really weren’t trying to hurt anyone. We were only looking out for ourselves. But when we began to do that, little did we know that everyone within our sphere of life’s everyday activity was in direct fire of our intentions. And as we know, with those intentions comes consequences.

Too often we tend to reflect on the past because of the wrong reasons. If we reflecting on the past we must remember that we must not stay there.

Looking back at my past, and I dare not stay there any longer than I need to, I reflect on my the pain and anguish that I caused so many people. By looking at this it helps me understand what and who is really important to me in this life. I didn’t like myself then because I wasn’t then who I am today. That person was full of self and egotistical in every way. But because of that erratic behavior those members of my circle were affected by the choices and decisions I made during that time, and they were not favorable. I had to take a look at myself and realize I need to make amends for the problems I’ve caused all those people. I wanted to do something to repay them for the hurt that I cause them by my actions. Telling everyone that I was sorry was not going to get it done because the hurt was too devastating. Words were just as unworthy as the paper they were written on someone said. I didn’t know what to do but I wanted to do something.
As I began my recovery I learned that what needed to take place first was true repentance. That, I did. Daily I got down on my knees and cried out to God asking Him to forgive me of what I’ve done. I confessed my sin and my behavior and asked Him to remove it from my life. After several courses of study I discovered that one way to work toward making amends was writing a letter to everyone who I affected with my behavior. But, I said to myself, “That’s a lot of folks!” Then I answered myself right back – “Yeah, so!”
So, I made time each day and sat down to write each person a letter of apology. It was several letters but it didn’t matter how many it was. I was determined to do this. I began to share in each letter, and I started my very first one to my wife Jackie: what my problem was; apologizing for deceiving them; what I’ve done as far as attempting to seek out help for my problem; and that I will spend the rest of my life working on earning their trust and respect again. I wanted to bring some peace to my past and this was one of the ways I chose to initiate that process. I no longer wanted to be conformed to the world (Romans 12:2) and its ways of repairing relationships or the past. The motives were always self-centered. This was a change that I knew I could be a part of make peace with my past. Once I repented, and brokenness was a part of my character, God started the process of restoration of relationship. He created in me a clean heart (Psalm 51:10, 11) and renewed a steadfast spirit in me. After a couple years into my recovery, and progress was evident in my actions and behavior, I begin to see those very same people coming back into my life acknowledging that they have noticed the fruits of my labor. Although they remained cautious and optimistic, they still acknowledged my progression. I was so thankful! But I didn’t rest there. I worked even harder because I saw the fruits, and I knew God was just beginning to do something in my life. Change: it only came when I totally submitted to God and allowed Him to reign in and over my life.
I’m reminded of what the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr composed that is being used as a model prayer in most support groups all over the country:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

If I wanted to move forward in life I had to realize that my past had to be dealt with. Once I allowed God to show how to do that, the journey became clearer and happier. I’m thankful for restoration. To this very day I’m determined to continue glorifying God with my life and submitting to His will daily. I can continue to move forward now, in peace, by His love and guidance.

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What Would Be Your Choice

Posted by Men of Redemption on August 20, 2011

I had requested to leave work early today sometime last week to attend some marriage mentors training but I was denied my request because of no coverage. So I get to work today, we’re shorthanded staff and that really complicates matters. During lunch, a co-worker is leaving so I asked him “You wanna stay later and pick up some hours?” He said “Yeah. I’ll do it for you Ernie!” Man, I said thank you Jesus! It’s the Favor of God! I thanked him for giving up his time when he could’ve went home or spend the rest of the day doing something he really wanted to do. Thank God for His grace and friends.
Well, I can’t go to the training because I’ve missed the bulk of it already. Anyway . . .
I’m chillin at the house and just was wondering . . . If I had one thing what would it be? I thought for a few minutes and it came to me: I would take my family on a vacation around the world and visit each continent, except Antartica, and spend a couple weeks at each destination. Sounds relaing but that’s my choice.
What would you do? If you could do anything or go anywhere, what would you really do? I believe our readers would love to hear your thoughts. They could even be great ideas for the person of intrigue.

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Character Building: Putting God First

Posted by Men of Redemption on August 15, 2011


VOLUME 1 ARTICLE 47 Aug. 2011

Character Building: Putting God First

I remember when my life started to spiral out of control with selfish desires and self-centered motives for career advancement opportunity. I was working in law enforcement for the state of California as a Corrections Officer. I enjoyed that career because it was challenging and I learned so much about people and behaviors. There were many times when promotional opportunity came my way and I always thought “Man, I’d love to be a sergeant. This would really enhance my career.” The first time I took the exam I had about three years in the department. I didn’t pass it. My score wasn’t high enough for the state board to even consider me. I assumed that it was probably because I didn’t have enough experience or time in the department. Oh well, so I waited several years later after I put in more time.
It was in the spring during the 1990’s and the exam came around again. This time I had supervisors and management pouring into me. I stepped up and accepted acting sergeant positions to show my desire to promote to the next level. With all that going on I felt confident and assured that I would do well this time around. I even had a lutienent drill me in basic standard procedure as well as a captain mentor me in management responsibility. I knew I was ready for the exam now. This was it. I’m ready. So I thought.
Several weeks later, I received a letter from the state board. The results: I did not pass the exam. I was crushed! I thought I did very well with all that experience guiding me! The worst part about it, the results indicated that I didn’t even rank or make the eligible list! Talk about disappointed! I didn’t understand what happened! And those that spent their time pouring into me were in disbelief but said sometimes that happens. Sometimes you can prepare yourself for opportunity too much and forget about everything you’re focusing on. Whatever the reason, I just didn’t understand it at the time. Was I too determined to promote and had a selfish or self-centered motive for opportunity? What could have been the real reason I didn’t even make the list of eligibility? Did I have a right to be upset? I was a good, dependable employee; never called in sick; showed up to work early and on time. Why me? Everybody thought I’d make the list and I was good as next to get promoted. Then, it hit me. Where was God in all this? Did I even pray about it or seek God’s input to see if this is the direction He wanted me to go? WOW!!!

When I reflect on those years of confusion and indifference I realized that wasn’t what God wanted for me at that particular time in my life. All things considered, my focus was all about me, and getting top the next level. I thought I prayed about it but my heart wasn’t into it. I was just looking for a “quick” blessing and get there the best way I knew how: through friends and influence. But I learned about that very quickly.
You see, I learned that God wasn’t happy with my decision to go after opportunity and not consulting Him in the matter, especially when I was calling myself a “Christian, a child of God.” I didn’t go to Him first in the matter or seek His divine wisdom to understand if this is the opportunity He desires for me. I was operating in my own attitude of selfishness. God taught me some valuable lessons through this season of my life and one of them was to make Him first in my life in every area. At that time He was not first, I was. Bad mistake and the results were evident and conclusive.
I learned that I needed to “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added until thee” (Matthew 6:33). As bad as I wanted to promote me wanted it more for me than what God wanted for me. Who was I fooling? Nobody but myself obviously! I needed to make God first in my life in all things. At that time I placed God as a quiet spectator and called on Him when I needed something. Not a good decision on my part. And because of that indecision I never made it to the next level even after a third attempt on the next exam. That wasn’t where God wanted me to be. Now looking back at my career and the things that happen afterwards I clearly see why.
My lessons involved making God my priority in this life. I have to seek Him with all my heart, soul and mind, and not allow anything or anyone in that place only reserved for Him! He has to be number one in all things. He wants me to have the desires of my heart but if there is any slight hint of selfishness involved it will not happen. As a child of the Living God, Jesus Christ, His word has very strict guidelines and precepts for His children to follow, just as we have the very same thing for our children and expect them to follow also. It bothers us as parents when our children don’t follow what we’ve taught them and the same thing happens with God. It hurts Him when we don’t adhere to His instruction. If we seek Him, and that means going after Him with all diligence without fail, all that we ask in His Name will be added unto us according to His word (vs. 33). Those things include, but limited to: promotions, career opportunities, relationships, major decisions such as making purchases, etc… We have to make a commitment to Him.
Criswell Freeman said “God deserves first place in your life . . . and you deserve the experience of putting Him there.” No matter what we strive to do in this life, if we called ourselves Christians and live for Christ, we need to live like He is the reason we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28).
He is number in my life now and has been at the top for quite some time now. I will never allow selfishness or any self-inspired behaviors to invade my relationship with Him. He is the ruler of my soul and my provider. No one or nothing will ever take His rightful place at the head of my life other than Him, my Lord and my Savior, Jesus Christ!

Men of Redemption 2011

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Character Building: Discipline

Posted by Men of Redemption on August 8, 2011


VOLUME 1 ARTICLE 46 Aug. 2011

Character Building: Discipline

This month I’d like to share about character building. I truly believe that our character has been violated in so many ways when we allowed our issues and behaviors to be interrupted by negative influences that are not ours. Yes, not ours! As children of the Most High, Jesus Christ, these influences were not part of our DNA when were created.
This week, we will discuss discipline.

Growing up I was just like every other kid in my neighborhood. I wanted to go outside and play with everyone and not come in the house when the street lights came on. But that was the rule. I wanted to play after I got through with my homework but my dad had other plans: yard work, cleaning the garage, and helping around the house. Those were the rules. It seemed like every time I wanted to do something for myself there was always a rule or something that prohibited me from enjoying myself. I mean it wasn’t all the time but it sure seemed like it.
During my season of addictive thinking I appeared somewhat out of control. There were no restrictions as far as having limits. I did what I wanted and didn’t have to answer to anyone. But eventually it all caught up to me and I learned the hard way that it wasn’t all about Ernie. And God got a hold of me and that was it. He got my attention, and believe me, I started listening!
God showed me in His word that I needed some disciplines in my life because I really had none. The liberties that I had were full of self-absorption, all about self. And if anyone knows the traits of the enemy his central focus is all about self. Solomon wrote in Proverbs 10:17 . . . “He who keeps instruction is in the way of life, but he who refuses correction goes astray.”
I couldn’t keep instruction for nothing. I didn’t want to listen because I thought I knew enough. I was a man, or at least I thought I was. But discipline was much more than that.
I discovered that discipline involved being obedient to something or someone who sees and understands what is best for those who are unsure of choices and decision in life. Hummmmmm. Sounds like last week’s article.

Discipline for my life involved submission along with obedience. I had to realize that by placing myself under an authority higher than me that had my best interest at heart was a humbling thing. And in order for my life to turn around from a life of abnormal behavior to a life of structure and discipline was a tremendous task for me. But I did it with God’s divine Holy Spirit. There was no other way for me. I tried myself but failed on numerous occasions. I was doing everything based on my own perspective and didn’t want to hear what anybody else said. But God quickly revealed to me in Proverbs 9:11-12 . . . “If you are wise, you are wise for yourself, and if you scoff (mocking), you will bear it alone.”
When I didn’t want to listen to anyone and had to deal with the consequences of that thinking or decision. And most of the time it wasn’t pretty. Taking my thoughts and allowing God to transform my mind was a huge step for me. I had to die to myself and let God arise. John 3:30 says . . . “He must increase, but I must decrease.” I chose to allow God full control and reign in all areas of my life because it belongs to Him. This isn’t my life to run around with and do as Ernie sees fit. My purpose in this life is to glorify the Lord with my total being.
So now, I have a life that is structured around the disciplines of the word of God. I read the word of God everyday; I have devotion everyday; I pray every morning before I leave for work. These are just a few disciplines that I have incorporated in my life since my transformation. It wasn’t easy but I persevered and battled through it because why: I wanted it! I made a conscious decision and said “Lord, I want freedom! And I know it comes with a cost. I am willing to pay that cost, whatever it is!” So I ask you, do you want freedom that bad that you’re willing to pay the cost whatever it is? That cost involves submission to Him and Him alone. That cost is giving yourself to God totally and expecting Him to transform you into who you were really designed to be: a man who glorifies God with his total being and everything he has. Can you look at your life and say that’s what you’re doing? If not, it’s not too late.

Men of Redemption 2011

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Testimonies from Men of Redemption

Posted by Men of Redemption on August 1, 2011

A Special Edition Article ============================================================= Testimonies from . . . The Men of Redemption

Men of Redemption is a Men’s Group that originated a couple of years a
go in April of 2009. Our purpose and vision is to recognize, identify and expose the afflictions of immorality in the lives of men, and, through the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit, minister and bring restoration to him to enjoy a healthy, purified life in Christ. During this short time period God has miraculously transformed the lives and marriages of dozens of men who have restored relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and are now on the road to enjoying a life of purity with joy and peace. Their homes have been re-established with the covering of love and comfort by His Holy Spirit. Oneness now reigns in the marital relationship where there once was no connection whatsoever. Healing has taken place and now both husband and wife are moving forward, together, for the cause of Christ to reign in their homes, their marriages and their families. I wanted to share with all of you what is taking place in our Men’s group because it’s vitally important to let men know that this too can be applied in their homes and their marriages if they want it, if they desire it, and if they trust God for it. I pray that these testimonies will inspire you to evaluate where you are in your relationship with God and your wife, and seek with all diligence to do what you can to receive divine instruction and guidance to a healthier marriage by making a connection in relationship building. These men have made a conscious choice to allow God to lead them in every area of their lives by placing structure and Biblical principles based on the Word of God into their daily activity. The results, well, are manifesting themselves in the fruits of their labor. And the wives . . . just continue to read and you’ll find out what Men of Redemption is really doing in the lives of so many men.

“I am still pretty new to M.O.R. However, aside from helping bring issues in my life to the light, it has encouraged me by showing me that there are other men out there who truly want to know, and be in line with, the heart of God. There are other men that truly love the Word of God and truly love to worship God in spirit and in truth. I have also learned that we are all tempted and have times that we struggle – And that it is much better to come together and receive strength, during these times of struggle, instead failing over and over, alone . . . ”
H.A., Cedar Hill, Texas

“About a month ago or so my mess was revealed by my wife. I confessed to her about what I have been doing. I knew that this would be devastating to me, my wife and my kids and marriage. I felt a lot of weight was lifted off my shoulders because of the constant lying I was doing has now left my conscience. All I did was transfer all that weight to my wife. I never knew what kind of emotional effect it would have on her until now. My trust and love from my wife were almost non-existent and I knew I needed help. My wife found out about MOR at our church and I called up Ernie. He was very straight to the point and made sure that it was the right decision for me. He wanted me to understand that if you wanted to have freedom; it is going to be a long patient process between GOD and myself. After the conversation with Ernie, I realized that I am I long way away from being a true man of GOD. When I first met with the guys from MOR, a lot of the anxiety I had disappeared, partly because they were outside grilling and just having conversation. We were all there for the same reason no matter what part of the recovery process you were in. The second time was in the classroom; the real class. Everybody welcomed me with a full understanding of what I need to do. M.O.R. is helping me with communicating with GOD through prayer and devotional time. That has always been something that I rarely did in my life. These guys know that everyday a little time with GOD and the WORD will make a huge difference in my recovery. Praying, taking it one day at a time and being accountable is what I have to do to beat this. With MOR and a little push from my wife I have started to do things more with my life through GOD. MOR already has made me realize just in a few weeks that this is the place for me to have the support I need to build my relationship with GOD, and restoring my marriage. I just want to thank you MOR. I’m on the right track.”
C.L., Red Oak, Texas

“Men of Redemption has been many things to me. I have learned how to be transparent, honest and vulnerable. Being around those men of God has taught me the art of manhood and how to submit to The Father. The answers that I couldn’t find, the direction I needed to go, they showed and demonstrated to me how to understand it. I now have honest brotherhood and friends for life. The recovery material and workshops have enlightened me to freedom where there was no freedom.”
J.R., Lancaster, Texas

“I feel like this community of men that comes together to support and learn from one another is a strengthening bond to my husband. Fighting alone is always exhausting, and feeling alone creates a sense of defeat in and of itself. Having a network of believers who are open and available at a moment’s notice, who encourage one another and hold each other accountable, who can understand and empathize with each circumstance is an incredible support system that gives courage and a redeeming boldness for my husband to continue the fight. He is less hard on himself about having to fight and is more present in the fight.”
D.G., Duncanville, Texas

“Before we went to WRH(Wives’ Redeemed Hearts) and M.O.R. our lives were a wreck. It looked good from the outside but it was falling apart. I was walking around without hope. When we started attending a year ago it was like a cup of fresh water to a person who had been in the desert. Continuously attending class has restored our relationship and is better that what it use to be. But now, there is transparency and trust. It was not easy deciding to go to the class or going but we would not have done it any other way. In the counsel of many we have found healing. We are living out our dream, we truly are!”
L.C., Dallas, Texas

“I am so thankful for M.O.R. I truly believe that M.O.R. has helped my husband become the man who his father couldn’t teach him to be. The accountability at M.O.R. has shaped him into the trust-worthy, respectable man who I am very proud of.”
L.G., Waxahachie, Texas

“I read several of your letters (our weekly articles of encouragement) and I have to say that they made me push to be more introspective and allow the Holy Spirit to search me. If I am not mistaken, I understand that M.O.R. focuses on issues of adultery/lust. At first glance, I didn’t think that this focus applies to me. However, though I love my wife so much and don’t struggle with lust, I do believe that your articles can help any man at any level of their walk. I also believe that it is better to do preventive maintenance than to break down and need an emergency repair.”
J.T., Cedar Hill, Texas

“My first time coming to Monday class I did not know what to expect. I know for one I was fearful and I had a lot doubt. When I first started attending M.O.R God began to do something. I dove right in and this is when I started learning about accountability. I chose Ernie Chambers as my accountability partner; a man who doesn’t cut corners; a man who will be transparent with you in a heart beat. I have been sober for 26 months now. Why, because I wanted it. I am not perfect at all. M.O.R. has helped me maintain a daily dependence upon the Lord. I don’t have to sit in the house all day and think about recovery. I can have fun and enjoy while in recovery. There have been some struggles along the way but the Lord has sustained me to overcome. I’m living in freedom!”
F.G.K., Lewisville, Texas

“M.O.R has been a vehicle for God to bring out change and restoration to my life and my marriage. Before I came to M.O.R; I never understood God’s plan for my life, I had never had contact with serious soldiers of Christ. Christianity was something that appealed to me, but I didn’t understand what it really meant. I didn’t understand what God could do in my life through his Son and his Word. By coming to M.O.R., I feel like I’m now part of a platoon of Christian soldiers, fighting for integrity and striving for the same things. I’m striving to put God first in my life and really walk as a true man of God; a man of Integrity; a man of Legacy. I don’t feel alone anymore. I am strengthened by the relationships I have formed in the group; and as a result, I have constant reminders and inspirations to put structure in my life to help me form a bond with my God and King in order to allow him to work in my life and in my marriage. I am very thankful for how God has used M.O.R. in my life. I feel like I have eight new brothers. I have formed such a strong bond with eight of the guys in the group. I feel like I can always reach out to them and they will be there for me as I strive to put the Gospel to practice in my life (and I am there for them). What a true gift from above. I am looking forward to building more bonds with the newer members, and excited to see what God can do in their lives as they put God’s word to practice in their lives. God’s plan for us isn’t difficult or complicated; apply his Word in our lives and we will have life; but sometimes we need to see other men of God doing that in their daily walk; and that is what M.O.R. has done for me. Put in me touch with Men of God who are walking daily in the Kingdom of God. Once you see God’s plan in practice, it makes it easier to apply it in your own life”
R.A., Dallas, Texas

“What M.O.R. has done for me since I began? Well it has given me more hope and structure that I definitely needed. It has shown me accountability that I can always turn to in time of need. I am blessed with a great teacher/leader. I’m so blessed to be involved with M.O.R. and know I have Godly men I can count on for the future battles in my life. To live free is an everyday choice.”
J.V., Dallas, Texas

“For a man who is in the midst of fighting the battle of sexual purity is today’s world, there are no amounts of words that can express and describe the safe place of Men of Redemption. One thing is for sure, if my issue had not come to surface when it did and Pastor Buddy did not introduce me to Ernie Chambers and his class, my marriage would probably not be as it is today. But through the class I have learned how to prevent future wounds from occurring as well as how to mend and dress the wounds that I caused. Same may never heal completely, but at least we can control them. But one thing that has been a constant in my battle is M.O.R.. True, I am not in class on Monday nights anymore because of my relocating to Colorado (though I wish I was) I thoroughly miss the fellowship) and have honestly slipped in my reading, but there is always a constant reminder of the connection and the commitment to my brothers. For me, that little text scripture that we get Monday through Friday like clockwork at 10:30am (9:30 for me) is a tangible reminder that I am part of a group of guys that are on the front line in the war against the powers of darkness. More times than not, the scripture of choice is perfect, striking a cord with an issue that I am dealing with that very day. Imagine what our days would be like if Ernie did not take the time to stop and listen to God and send out these little messages. Assuredly some of our days would probably end up not so pleasant had we not received those few words of encouragement. I have been winning the battle of internet pornography for almost two years now, and I am going to continue to fight the good fight for my wife, my God, and my buddies to my right and to my left, my Brothers in Men of Redemption.” T.M., Denver, Colorado “First of all I had my spiritual eyes open and also I was confronted with the true. This ministry, M.O.R., really speaks from the word of God and teaches how a man must walk through light. I am faced right now in a confrontation with myself because I’ve never asked myself if I really know Jesus and what I want from Him. I was living a religious life without power and truth. Thanks be to God I have the opportunity to find true relationship.
C.N., Euless, Texas
“Through M.O.R I have found a group of guys I can count on standing with me fighting against the impurity the world and the enemy throws at us as men everyday. I have gone longer without having any serious struggles with my thoughts than I can ever remember. It is truly by His amazing grace. I thank God for sending M.O.R. my way.
T.F., Euless, Texas

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"The Entire Bible is Contained in the Psalms.” -Martin Luther

Jesus. God Loves Bummyla.

The Best Christian Website.


God with us

New Heaven on Earth!

Promoting inspired wellness and New Life of spirit, soul and body!!!

A View from the Nest

Random Ramblings of the Resident Raptor

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Family Life Helpline Ministry site is all about the family and how to make your life & marriage count in the Kingdom of God. The Love of God is the Bedrock of all Relationships.

Christ's Soldiers International

"Waging War On Sin Not The Sinner"

Gary Chorpenning's Notebooks

A Christian Reflection on Faith , Life, and Nature


Just another site

Wives Redeemed Hearts

"...To give them beauty for ashes.."

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