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Posted by Men of Redemption on September 9, 2015




Change or Transformation . . . . Which is more Real?

Now there’s a question for you. What’s more real, change or transformation. Isn’t that a rhetorical question or an oxymoron? Well, I asked myself that question some time ago and I got a real true answer. But I want state for the record my thoughts on this and then you ponder it for a moment.

CHANGE 115_-change

I look at change as something that we do, something we modify or adjust to present to others or ourselves a different perspective. I want to lose weight; so I modify my eating habits, exercise or workout. I’m changing my appearance and hopefully my appetite in how I eat. I want to stop having a bad attitude and have a better outlook on life; so I change how I think and focus on the positive things in life. I’m changing my thoughts and how I see things. I want to treat my spouse better and be a more loving husband or wife. I’ll help her around the house, participate more helping with the children and speak nice things to him or her. I’m making a change so that my spouse will see that I’m serious about loving him/her more. Everything is based on what others perceive, or what we want them to observe.




To me, transformation begins on the inside and works its way toward the outside. When someone is transformed, everything on the inside is renewed; the mind and the heart is completely emotionally, spiritually and mentally turned around for the better. The things that a person did or has done is now forgotten and his/her direction in life is forever recalibrated. They don’t do the things they used to do; don’t say the things they used to say. The one thing about transformation is that it’s genuine and will last much longer than change ever will. It becomes a way of life for the individual in so many ways. Transformation makes you look back at what you used to be like and say “I don’t want to be like that anymore.” I’m a new creation and I like what I have become.

You see, change can always revert back to who that person was because the door was never shut on old habits or behaviors. You can still go back to what you once were because that’s what you’re familiar with. When someone gets under your skin or makes you angry when you tried to be nice, we immediately react the same way we did the way we used to. We only change so that people, our friends or loved ones can see something different for a while. Then it’s back to the same ole same ole. But with transformation, everything is new and refreshed with purpose, direction and intent. I guess I may be old school when it comes to simple things like this, but it does make tremendous sense. My thoughts, and I’m just saying . . . .


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