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What’s On Your Mind?

Posted by Men of Redemption on October 2, 2015

your mind


“My wife and I are in agreement to begin praying with one another but our dilemma is finding time with our schedules so hectic. I’m going to work, she’s coming home and it gets frustrating sometimes. Can you offer some advice as to how we can manage this?

This is a problem that most couples who desire the same thing struggle and it can be complicated with varying schedules. Either you’re tired and don’t have the energy to pray or even have dialogue or your wife is. It seems like a no-win situation in a lot of case but there is hope. You can make this work from several angles so let’s look at a few.

#1. Pray with or over your wife before you leave for work. couples praying

One of the best ways I believe to start a commitment to praying together is taking the initiative to pray with your wife before you go to work. If you go to work during the morning hours, take a few minutes before leaving and pray with her. If she is sleep or has a hard time getting up to join you because she’s tired, just sit beside her and pray over her, her day and all of her activities. Also include praying over your children, their day as well as yours. You and your family needs to be covered by pray on a daily basis.

#2. Wait up for your wife when she gets home from work.

Make a committed effort to stay awake until your wife gets home from work and spend some time in dialogue with her before turning in for the night. Yes, you may be tired or exhausted from a hard days work yourself, but when your wife sees your desire to make time to pray despite how you feel she will also develop a desire to do the same in return with you before you go to work in the mornings. This kind of communication will enhance the desires you both have toward your agreement to pray and God will give you both the rest and peace you need to make this happen consistently. But one of you has to make the sacrifice, preferably you the husband because we are the spiritual leaders of our home, at least we are supposed to be.

#3. Look at possibly praying together when you’re both awake – anytime!

Somewhere in your hectic schedules you have time when the both of you may have a few minutes in passing, maybe an hour or two. Take that precious time no matter how long or short it is and begin to pray and take advantage of that time. It may be in passing by one another but every time you get moments where you can come together make pray the one thing you do before moving on to your next assignment or project. Sooner or later the time will come where the both of you will sit down and declare “We’ve got to make time to include praying together a priority in our marriage!”

I’m with you in this situation as well because my wife’s schedule is similar to that same scenario. But we make it a point to pray intentionally because we know how much we need it in our lives and our marriage. Praying together with your spouse is the most powerful weapon a Christian couple has together (Deuteronomy 32:30). So I pray that this has been helpful. Waiting around on each for your schedules to change will only prolong your desire to achieve what you both agreed and committed to do. And procrastination is a trick of the enemy to keep you from coming together because he knows how powerful you two will become if you come together in prayer. He is a liar and the father of it! (John 8:44)



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