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What’s On Your Mind?

Posted by Men of Redemption on October 6, 2015

your mind

“I’m struggling with porn, and I’ve been watching porn for years and I’m tired of it. I want to stop but I can’t seem to find someone or something to help me with this problem. Where can I go and who should I contact in getting the help I’m crying out for?


You’ve made your first step toward getting the help you requested already by confessing that you have a problem and you want to get help. So many men, and women for that matter, fail to recognize that admitting you have a problem, whether its porn, alcohol, drugs, or some other addictive behavior, is crucial in the process of getting help. Denial can continue your spiral down the slide of destruction if you don’t cry out. Trust me when I say “cry out” because that’s literally what you have to do when you’ve been in bondage and ensnared for years with no way out. Here are some options you’ll want to consider if you truly want to get help.

                               Contact a Christian Counselor who specializes in Addictive Behaviors.                                     

This is probably the hardest option that most people have a difficult time doing or understanding because it involves sharing something that’s filled with guilt and shame. It’s not everyday that someone calls a counselor and informs him/her that they have a problem with pornography. But a counselor who specializes in this field will understand your struggle and receive you with open arms, and will make the exposure as confidential and safe as possible that you’ll get the help you request without the shame, guilt or condemnation.

Search for a good Support Group that works with Sexual Integrity Issues.           


There are several support groups out there that work with men and women who struggle with sexual integrity. They help you understand the problem, its point of origin and how it became a problem, and help place boundaries and structure in your life where there weren’t any. That support group will also ensure that you are surrounded by those who are overcoming the struggle with you to keep you encouraged and focused on doing the right thing. They also will provide a strong accountability cord that will walk with alongside the journey with you.

Contact a local ministry of a church that works with men and women in this area. Crown of Thorns in place of letter O[1]

There are a few churches that have ministries that are created to help those who are struggling with integrity issues. You really have to seek out those churches and look at their current ministry and see if this is what you’re looking for. Not all ministries or churches will have what you desire or need so you may have to be specific in what you’re asking for. A good, sufficient and fruit-bearing ministry will have testimonies, men and women who have and are currently overcoming their struggles daily with victory and consistency on a daily basis. Those particular ministries are the ones that get right in your face and challenge you to make a heart-lead change and seek freedom with everything you’ve got.

Contact the Professional Organizations that are the experts in the field.

This is probably the best way to go when looking for help in this area. There are several organizations out there: Pure Desire International Ministries (; New Life Ministries; Celebrate Recovery. These organizations have been in existence for several years and have been so helpful for so many men and women all around the world. Their success rates are internationally noted and the lives of those who sought their help are walking in freedom consistently.

So we hope that this information is helpful, and that you do seek the help you are currently looking for. There is help out there. But as always, if want the help and are crying out for it, we believe and trust that you’ll do whatever it takes if you really want it.



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