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A Writer’s Thoughts . . . .

Posted by Men of Redemption on November 12, 2015

Writer's thoughts


On . . . . Being a Light to Others.

I look at my life and I always say to myself “I want to be more helpful, more encouraging to others through my words, my thoughts and my deeds.” Needless to say it can be strenuous at times but I never give up. It’s not about trying to please others or gain their favor or affirmation, it’s about truly making a difference in their lives. I keep hearing people say “they have to want to help themselves” and “maybe they just don’t want any help from anybody!” And I agree, there are some people like that in the world, but in all actuality, we all need some kind of encouragement or help at one point or another. I believe the key to helping others is what kind of light am I  showing others. If it’s the true light of Christ, people should see that same light in my life, manifested by my actions, my personality, my beliefs and my faith. I can’t encourage someone to not be angry or frustrated at their job if I’m always complaining about what my boss or manager is or isn’t doing. Others will see that light, look at me and say “never mind, thanks anyway!” But if I am living what I’m encouraging in others they will gravitate toward me and seek out that light that shines so bright they can’t help but inquire about what I have. It’s so easy to share and tell someone about the love of Jesus and how He wants to make their lives better, but if He hasn’t done the same in my life, my witness is tainted and void. I want to make a difference in the lives around me, live out what I believe, and then others will seek out I do before they seek out what I say.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” 

–  MATTHEW 5:16

Just a writer’s thoughts on spiritual awareness for my brothers and sisters in Christ to ponder in thought. I’m just saying . . . .




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