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A Writer’s Thoughts On . . . .

Posted by Men of Redemption on January 26, 2016

Writer's thoughts



My Thoughts on . . . . Trusting in our own Understanding.

What’s wrong with going with your own understanding these days? Are we as a people who inconsistent that we can’t even trust our own thoughts, our own ideas or even our own judgments? What are we as human being coming to? Well, mu perspective is this: We as people are so easily influence by the wisdom of this world that every time the wind blows we’re changing our minds or the direction we’re traveling. Why can’t we stick with what we’ve decided on? Maybe the influences we allow in our lives or what we see as successes in other’s lives can easily persuade us to assume that their way of moving forward can work for us perhaps? Maybe? Maybe not. But why do we desire to consider others’ paths and direction when we don’t want to stick with our own understanding. Some may feel like “That’s sounds like a good idea!” Others would say “You know what, I’m gonna move in a different direction now.” It’s not that we don’t trust our own understanding but who are we listening to and why them. Who is influencing us in our understanding of what we want to do to make us, or encourage us to “flip the script” sort of speak? Well, I think it’s who we allow to influence our thoughts and choices. The one thing I see wrong with that is we put too much trust in what others are doing, and we base tat trust on their performance for the “now” and not the future. We’re anticipating that their influence will be productive for our lives just as it is or was for them. Does that mean we don’t trust our own understanding? Possibly. But then again, it’s about who we’re listening to, and what is their track record for success for this influence?

If there is any influence in my life when it comes to understanding, trusting in my decisions or choices, it’s going to be influenced by the Lord Jesus Christ. I know He has a better track record than anyone in this life because His Word tells me that. When I put my trust in Him, I know and realize that He has my best interest at heart for my past, present and future life. He will lead me in a direction that is secure, that will eventually lead me to His peace and His understanding. It’s not that I don’t trust my own understanding. It’s just that I know that in my infinite mindset, I’m going to fail and I can’t make the sound decisions I need to make based on my own intelligence or intellect. I need the wisdom and understanding of the Lord God Jesus Christ. How do I get that? I stay in His Word. I pray and establish a relationship with Him, that He may lead me to all truth and understanding. Sure, they’ll  come some times of uncertainty but I don’t allow that to interfere with judgment or direction, I just trust Him totally in all things and He reveals to me what it is I need to do or act upon with His guidance.

I know it’s hard for some to accept such vulnerability and allow someone to have such jurisdiction over one’s decisions and perspectives, but it’s all about trust, and trusting in The One will never let you down, nor will ever leave us nor forsake us, ever! That, my friends, is the Lord God Himself, Jesus Christ.

Just some thoughts from a follower of Christ who is praying for all mankind to come unto the saving knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ while we still can. His grace is sufficient for all of us, and there is now therefore no condemnation to those that love the Lord. I’m just saying . . .


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