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A Writer’s Thoughts On . . . .

Posted by Men of Redemption on February 10, 2016

Writer's thoughts



My Thoughts on . . . . Character.    character

Who are you? What makes you the person whom you portray yourself as? Just a couple of questions I ask those I come into contact with as I extend myself to get to know you. I’m interested in your likes, your dislikes; what makes you happy and what doesn’t; just some very important concerns that I have in developing relationship on a friendship level. This helps me understand who you are and what kind of foundation you’re standing on. I’ve learned that character is developed slowly and with careful intentions centered around who you truly are.

CHARACTER – the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing; qualities of honesty, courage, or the like; integrity; reputation: moral or ethical quality.

Those of us who have struggled or are struggling with integrity issues may have a hard time trying to present themselves in a positive light to others because of the issues. I mean, we all have issues, integrity or others, but once those issues affect our character, our integrity is always under scrutiny. It becomes difficult to live a life of genuineness and sincerity because of the doubts that others may have about us. I’m not trying to justify our lack of self-control, I’m just attempting to get us to really take a look at ourselves and see what we’re doing and why we act the way we do. Our flaws doesn’t make us a bad person, or confirm our identity, it shows we’re human and we will fail at times but we don’t want to rest there and settle for that identity.

Character to me, is a continuous process of building and developing ethical qualities that are instilled through the pouring into of courage, godly perspectives and outlooks, having a sense of overcoming the obstacles of life with purpose. All of these have a lot to do with character and it’s make-up. It’s a slow process so it’s going to take some effort because of all that’s involved. So instead of trying to be someone we are not, we ought to take the time needed to develop, and understand our purpose and who we are. Once we understand who we are, the character developed in that understanding will attach itself to our person and we will become who we are. I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist, but I believe that once our identity is discovered, our character is sure to follow. In recovery, just being transparent, honest, are the friends of recovery because of their transition to the process. Many struggle with this often, but we should attempt to change or modify our character or personality to gain acceptance or approval of those who are in our sphere of influence.

“Therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering.”  –  Colossians  3:12 

Just some thoughts from a brother who serves the Lord God Jesus Christ that prays for all people to know who they are in Christ, accept who they are in Him and live in that identity with power, victory and authority. Just saying . . . .


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