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A Writer’s Thoughts On . . . .

Posted by Men of Redemption on April 13, 2016

Writer's thoughts



My Thoughts on . . . . Going in a New Direction.

Have you ever been stuck in a rut, moving forward in a direction thinking you’re going somewhere but never really even budged? I know this all too well. Myself, I remember that season where my focus was on moving forward in a job that I really enjoyed but I was going to school during the day and working at night. My then present manager asked me if I wanted to go full-time and I was really excited, but I needed to make myself more available to the business. I did. I put school on hold “temporarily” and pursued this new endeavor. But after a while, and numerous excuses from my manager the position never materialized and I was disappointed. I never went back to school, and I changed the direction I wanted to go in life. I learned some valuable lessons from that decision, trust me. But I was afraid to make a decision and change my direction in life. I believe sometimes when we’re focused on moving forward we need to really see if we’re making any head-way in our pursuit. I see a lot guys whom I work with struggle with the same focus. They say they’ve been doing this or that for a while, made some progress, but when you count the cost and time committed they are literally back at square one or just a few steps removed from where they started. Is it their focus? Is it their lack of pursuit due to not reaching their goal or potential? Could be! Or it just could be the simple action of “I need some change, a different direction in my life” type of attitude. I truly understand that to some degree.

In the ministry I’m involved in, I’ve spoken to some guys regarding what they were doing before they came to Men of Redemption, and I was not surprised. Many of them had been members of support groups that really didn’t stress accountability, honesty and transparency. They were attracted to the group, but after spending several months there they discovered they weren’t getting the help they were looking for or seeking. They talked to their group leaders but were unable to get clear, concise answers and the help they desired. So they pursued a different direction and sought out with diligence to find the help they were seeking. Seeing men, and women for that matter, making a decision to change direction when needed speaks volumes about their intentions in life, always wanting to pursue something and change if their present situation wasn’t leading them towards their perspective goals. A change of direction can be good, if, we make the determination that we have a direction in mind with a plan of purpose to follow and start to look for goals instead of waiting for them to come to us. I believe learning is a key in direction because we should always desire to be increasing in wisdom and knowledge to better prepare ourselves to adapt to change mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Evaluate your direction and see if you’re spinning your wheels round and round or if you’re moving forward have you moved any further than you did from last month. You may be surprised! If not, you may want to consider a change of direction.

Just some thoughts from a brother who truly believes in moving forward in life with purpose and diligence, committing himself to encouraging others to pursue their dreams and goals, and don’t allow anyone or anything to get in their way. Just saying . . . .



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