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A Writer’s Thoughts On . . . .

Posted by Men of Redemption on April 19, 2016

Writer's thoughts



My Thoughts on . . . . Building Good Relationships. 

I’ve discovered that when working with men in the area of relationship that most men don’t have that one brother that they can go to and share stuff with, bounce their problems off of and not be criticized for his lack of self-control or face condemnation. For the most part, many men will say they have a guy or two that they can go to and share their problems. But what I take not of is this: how many men have that one or two guys that know every detail in his life, good or bad? Yeah, he may know some details about certain situations but does he know how you feel about life; does he know how emotionally you are attached to _________; does he know your struggles with _____________. You fill in the blanks and answer the questions honestly. Is he hiding something from you and is he being honest and truthful with you at all times? Remember, if you have a problem with lying, being truthful and honest and that’s who you surround yourself with . . . . well, I’m just saying. It goes back to that old saying . . . “You are who you surround yourself with.”

I believe in building relationships that will last, that will strengthen me for years to come. But I also realize that building those relationships will take some commitment, desire and diligence, along with understanding and purpose. I don’t want to develop a relationship where there is a motive or an agenda for my friendship for an advantage for the other guy. I see too much of that in the world today. I know of guys who have good relationships with other men through the years, and that’s great. But there are some men out there who are looking for that kind of relationship development. To them, the ask “What does that look like” in building relationship? Many men see men in and out of their lives, once the purpose is complete they are left cold turkey. Is it right? Is it wrong?  It depends on who you talk to. I build relationships that are built on the foundation of trust, honesty and their belief system. These three criteria are crucial in establishing true relation with men. I desire to surround myself with men who are like-minded, who share my vision in life, who want to see me succeed and flourish in the things of God, and help me get there by praying for me and by speaking life into those areas. But I have to develop trust in and with them by spending time with them, getting to know their hearts and what’s important to them. I also need to see how honest they are in situations when compromise is at the cusp of choice, what would they do, especially when I’m not around. And then I need to gain a full understanding of what they believe and who they believe in. Your belief system is probably the most important virtue I look for because everybody doesn’t see or have vision, a perspective with purpose and a plan to get there. Another key to building relationship is my willingness to be open and transparent, and reciprocal in what I’m looking for. I have to be willing to give just as much to them as I want to receive from them. Once the relationship has been developed, and then established, we keep each other sharp and accountable. Those are the kind of relationships I desire to have in my life where the foundation can and will stand any challenge either of us will face, day in and day out, no matter the storm, problem or situation.

Just some thoughts from a brother who is committed to helping brothers stand for righteousness, stand for brotherly love in all facets of relationship building, and letting the world know that male relationship is one of the most powerful relationships in existence.  Just saying . . . .

“As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”  –  PROVERBS  27:17



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