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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on April 22, 2016

Breakfast of Champions



It’s Friday morning. You’re probably getting ready to prepare yourself for the day, get your daily focus together on what your agenda is going to look like. You know that whatever you didn’t finish at work yesterday will probably be on your agenda today so mentally you are already there. Your intentions are focused on completion and getting everything done before the weekend begins. Then you’re probably thinking about your plans for the weekend, what to do, where are you going to go, you know, things like that. But can I ask you something? Did you stop for a moment, pause, and thank the Lord God for another day of life? Did you stop for a moment and acknowledge the Creator of the Universe and your life for allowing you to arise with strength, ability and waking up in your right mind? Did you ask the Lord to lead you and guide you, direct your thoughts, your actions and your decisions throughout the day? And did you just say thank you? These are just some questions we need to ask ourselves during the course of our day when we start to plan that day that was never promised to us because we assumed we would see it. As children of God, let’s take a moment when the Lord God allows us to wake up from our sleep, thank Him for the rest and peace He’s given us through the night, acknowledge Him first and foremost, and let His love lead us. It helps us put our priorities and perspective in proper context, as well as protects us from danger, confusion, compromise and temptation. It also helps when we take a few moments and get into reading His Word before we leave the house to ensure that He will lead us unto all truth and understanding in everything we face for that day. Some encouragement for your day.


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