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Recovery Tip For This Week

Posted by Men of Redemption on May 2, 2016


Tip for this week . . . . Be Open to Godly Counsel.                                           

Everyone who is in recovery mode already has some protocol he/she must follow when it comes to adding disciplines and structure into their lives where there was none. That’s difficult to do, especially when denial and passivity ruled our live with reckless abandon. But what we must do is understand that there are those that God places in our lives for specific and strategic purposes, and that clearly involves Godly counsel. Sometimes it seems that when people know we’re in recovery, they want to offer advice, wisdom, or a word from God that they feel will help us along the way. But unless they know the journey, the struggle itself that we have dealt with or are dealing with, that sharing may not be useful to our advantage. That’s why we need mentors, men and women of God who are filled with the Spirit of God, whom we know are living and walking in freedom whose advice is sound, true and faithful. Let’s really pay attention to what others are saying, and what we allow those who want to help us speak into and over us while we are on our journey. It’s okay to seek their prayers, their encouragement. But let’s be mindful that every word that is spoken or shared may not be for you or for me.

“Without good direction, people lose their way; the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances.” 

–  PROVERBS  11:14


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