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Recovery Tip For This Week

Posted by Men of Redemption on June 13, 2016


 Tip for this week . . . .


Know Your Weaknesses.


A lot of times we think, even believe, we’re stronger than we actually are, and no one can tell us different. Not until we actually have to prove it, or place ourselves in a vulnerable position do we finally realize it, then the embarrassment sets in. Take a serious inventory of your weaknesses and strengths because we can fool ourselves more than we believe. Our focus in recovery can be so easily distorted by over-estimating or under-estimating our strengths, that we rarely think about our weaknesses, but we need to be careful so that we don’t fall back into our behaviors and cause even more damage. Look at what you know you do best, ask God to continue to develop those skills and give you the mindset to always be aware of them. In your strengths, we ought to acknowledge them and pray that they are used when needed. Know that our weaknesses can be enhanced and sharpened to become a part of our strengths. Always, always desire that God continues to mold and shape you into the man of God He created you to be.


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