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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on July 4, 2016

Daily MannaOvercoming is a truly a major theme throughout the Word of God. In life, we have our “super heroes” that languish and exalt because of their tremendous feats of victory. But as I read the Word of God, I’ve found that the there are truly real heroes there as well. I read about the story of Joseph, who was degraded by his brothers and left in a ditch to die or be captured. After being discovered he was sold into slavery and the Lord was God was with him. To make a fascinating story short, God exalted him into a prominent position of authority and became overseer of all Potiphar had in his kingdom. Though he faced accusation and much persecution, he overcame by staying committed to his faith in God and trusted Him through it all. Then when Joseph’s family had to go and buy grain in preparation for the famine that was about to take place his brothers discovered that it was Joseph. Joseph had every right to take revenge against his brothers for what they did to him. But because of Joseph’s faithfulness to God he embraced his brothers and entire family with unprecedented love and admiration. There’s a super hero for you right there. And as we read our Word, we will discover that there are many more heroes like Joseph throughout God’s Word who show faithfulness and dependability to God. Keep reading God’s Word and discover more and God will show Himself worthy to you.


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