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A Writer’s Thoughts On . . . .

Posted by Men of Redemption on July 8, 2016

49ae1-heavyIf One Brotha Helps Just One . . . .

Imagine this: For one day, every brotha just puts aside his dislikes, his prejudices, his differences, and made a declaration that today I am going to help another brotha move forward in life in any way I can. I will take the focus off of myself and put all my efforts into esteeming another brotha to move forward in his endeavor to succeed. What a joy that would be to see! Yes, it truly would be uplifting and satisfying on all levels. But why is something that is so uncommon and so unlikely to happen not happening at all? Yeah, we do have some brothas who help out others when they can. But I have to ask that question first to myself-Am I helping out another brother succeed? It’s easy to look around and see other men of all nationalities and cultures doing some good for everyone they can, but what about me? That’s the question that’s I find most critical to every brotha today. What can “I” do to help someone achieve something, even if it’s maybe help complete an application of employment, speak on his behalf about a certain opportunity, or even just reach out a hand to assist him with whatever he needs, am I willing to just do something like that? It won’t take much. But what’s stopping us?

I believe some of us are too worried about being taken advantage of or taken for granted. If that’s the case, then our motives are wrong, and we’re not being the light that they really need to see. I see brothas crying out everyday in one way or another, just wanting something simple, such as a decent greeting, a handshake, someone to tell them it’s not always gonna be like this. Those comments and attitudes will go a long way with someone is not expecting it. Everyone isn’t always looking for handouts or money, just someone, a brotha, just to give them something that we have way too much of, time! It doesn’t cost us much at all! I know I can do this, and all I have to do is make a conscious effort, forget about self for a few moments, and give someone else attention instead of waiting for them to give to us.

I challenge you brothas out there. Take one day out of your work week, make a declaration and decide that on that day you will make every effort to give another brotha something he’s totaling not expecting. That could be a hug, a pat on the back, an encouraging word, conversation he wasn’t expecting, or maybe buy him a cup of coffee-something that will make a difference in his day or his life. We never know what something will do for someone if we only take the time to do something.

Just some thoughts from a brotha who understands about getting out of self and realizing that I’m not living for myself but for being a light to others that they might find life and that more abundantly. Just saying . . .




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