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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on July 11, 2016

Daily MannaIf you’ve been reading God’s Word now for a while, maybe you’ve come across a passage of scripture that talks about not just reading or hearing the Word but Doing it as well (James  1:22-25). When I read God’s Word, I’m discovering that there are a lot, and I mean of scriptures that give us instruction and guidance into applying His Word to our lives. We gain so much “head knowledge” that the wisdom of that Word barely into our hearts so that we can experience it ourselves and then do it. That knowledge doesn’t do much good if stays up there and never applied. I’m learning as I read His Word to absorb, much like a sponge, and then when I’m through reading I thank God for His Word and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what I have read then help me understand and apply God’s Word. I think that’s what many of us as God’s people tend to do after reading the Word. Reading His Word has become a relationship for me. It’s like when I don’t get into my Word I’m missing something that I’m used to having. That’s why it is so imperative that I stay in tune with getting God’s Word in me. It’s life to me, marrow in my bones, the air that I breathe, it’s that important. I’m praying that as you continue to read God’s Word daily that you too will experience the everlasting love and enjoyment that God shares with us through His Word.


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