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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on July 18, 2016

Daily MannaI love reading the Word of God because I’m finding out daily how it prepares me to become the Spiritual Leader of my home. Oftentimes I see how the husband of a particular family attempts to lead his marriage and family, and for that particular situation I learn about the mistakes first, the lack of stepping up as the husband because of this or that and then find if he’s willing to be obedient to the Lord or lean to his own understanding. Yeah, I see all of that and more as I continue to read. Then I look at myself and see if I observe anything that I’m reading about in my own life, and I immediately put myself in his shoes. Most of the time I discover I’m making the same choices and mistakes that I’m reading about. But the good thing is that it strengthens me to learn from the situation and take what God has shown this individual then apply it to my life, my marriage and family. The more I learn from reading God’s Word the more I’m preparing myself as the spiritual leader of my home, and to be the covering that my family needs on a daily basis. My family needs to know where we’re going in life and the only way to understand that is for me to get in the presence of God through prayer and the reading of His Word daily. The question, “What’s God saying to you about the direction we’re going?” will always come up if my family sees me doing everything else and not spending time with the Lord. I want my marriage, my family to know that God is leading and guiding us unto all truth and understanding, where we’re going together, but I realize that it starts with me.


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