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Recovery Tip For This Week!

Posted by Men of Redemption on July 25, 2016


This week’s recovery tip . . . .


Be Careful in Recovery, Because There’s an APP For It! 

As I continue to work with men in recovery I’m finding that their cell phones get a lot of use because of all the applications that are out there. I mean it seems like there’s an “APP” for everything! But to many of the men out there in recovery, not all “APPS” are for you while you’re in recovery! Please take note of this. Most of us have had problems with social media enough already, and the very last thing we want to do is allow an “APP” to take us somewhere we really don’t or shouldn’t go. The “APP” may appear to look good, sound good, have that certain appeal to it that will draw us in to using it but so does sin! My encouragement to you guys is to very mindful to even considering “APPS”, especially if you’re not at a point in your recovery where you can be actively responsible to not allow yourself to go somewhere you don’t want to go. Once you go there, and you’ve cross that pivotal line of commitment, then you’re hooked, and it can set you back in recovery big time! So be mindful of these “APPS” and the introductions to “NEW APPS” that are so-called designed to help you get to things faster. This is exactly the opposite of what we as men are and should be looking for-things to happen faster. That’s what gotten us in our situations in the beginning! Recovery doesn’t need an “APP”. Recovery needs us to commitment to the process, do the work, trust God throughout the entire process, and be accountable to our brothers in a face-to-face relationship.




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