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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on July 26, 2016

Daily MannaI’m wondering if we ever think how much it Pleases the Lord God when He sees us reading His Word. Well, it truly pleases the Father tremendously because He sees His children wanting and desiring to learn about Him and who He is. I have been reading God’s Word now for several years and every time I read His Word God enlightens me into something new. I’ve read numerous passages over the years over and over again and it’s the same Word, same verse, and same books. But when I pray and ask God to reveal to me what it is that He wants me to see or learn, I get a different perspective and it increases my understanding of what I’m about to get into. God’s Word is full of wisdom and understanding, and it’s not just one-dimensional. There’s so much to learn from every single passage of scripture and I want to be open to that. As God sees us getting into His Word, understanding His Word, and then applying His Word, it puts a big smile on His Face and truly warms His heart because of the obedience of His children. We are God’s greatest creation, His people, and there’s nothing else more pleasing to our Heavenly Father than seeing His prized creation humbly being obedient and learning about our Father in Heaven.


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