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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on July 28, 2016

Daily MannaHas reading the Word of God gotten to the point where it’s A Part of your Daily Activity yet? When I started reading the Word it was kind of confusing to me because I didn’t understand the context or the purpose of reading about stories and the lives of ordinary people being used for different situations. It was frustrating, but when I dove into each story, each situation I came across in scripture, it’s purpose was outline in detail with everlasting results. So my curiosity peaked and got my attention and I’ve been reading the Word ever since. I now not only read the Word daily once before I leave the house to start my day but I also return home and get into God’s Word as well, gaining more and more understanding because of the power and wisdom God’s Word brings to my life. I can’t get enough of His Word because He has so much to say and share about who He truly is! In His Word He shows Himself is every created thing-from the seas and plant life to the birds of the air. God is in everything and He shows Himself merciful and gracious in all things. I love getting into His Word.


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