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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on August 10, 2016

Breakfast of ChampionsHave you read the passage in God’s Word about how Jesus washes the disciple’ feet? What a humbling experience that must have been (John 13). Can you imaging how the Lord God Himself, humbled Himself to do something like this to ordinary men? When you read this for the first time it sends a serious message to all of us – if Christ Jesus is doing this why shouldn’t we be likewise? Indeed! This is the greatest example of Servanthood we’ll ever see in God’s Word. Christ showed the disciples that being a servant is the greatest service we could ever do to our fellow-man. It teaches us that life isn’t about us or what we need but helping others, doing for others, and seeing them happy with joy and peace. As we serve others, this kindness we show them brings a warm and eternal feeling of love and grace over us because we are doing something not only that the Father did it but it also makes Him happy when He sees His children imitating Him. This is the kind of atmosphere we as children of God ought to procure in our families, in our relationships, on our jobs and everywhere we go. Understand, washing feet indicates a willingness to serve in humility, so your humbleness doesn’t have to be washing feet, it could serve in the capacity of praying for others, helping out in various chores and projects of a neighbor, relieving the burdens of one another with your support, or anything we can do allow the goodness and grace of God to shine through your heart. As you continue to read, you’ll find so many examples of servanthood from both men and women in God’s Word. It puts a big smile on our Heavenly Father’s face when sees His children imitating His life and actions in our lives. Doesn’t make you feel good when your children imitate the good things in their lives that you have done, especially in raising them with godly principles from His Word? I bet it does!


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