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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on August 12, 2016

Breakfast of ChampionsWhen do you go the reading your Word? Is it when times are tough, and you’re struggling with a situation or decision? Or do you go to your Word when you’ve done something wrong, you feel convicted and the shame and guilt are just too overwhelming to face? Either way, it’s a good thing you turn to the Word for Comfort, solace and understanding. But we should always go to the Word no matter what we’re going through, regardless of joy, happiness, sorrow or conviction. The Word is there for us to bring comfort and wisdom, as well as understanding to difficult situations that we can’t handle or understand. But as we get into the stories that we can relate to, and we see ourselves in that very story, we must learn to apply the same mindset that the biblical characters used to bring similar results. We read God’s Word and think we can get the help we’re looking for while we’re still thinking the way we did when we got into the problem or situation at the beginning. Next time you get into reading your Word, ask God to relieve you of the thoughts that placed you in that situation, to eradicate those streams of negative ideas that pushed you toward that dilemma. He will clear your mind and thoughts, then give you clarity and understanding into thinking correctly. That’s just what He does. He desires His children to depend on His Holy Spirit for guidance in all things so that we can avoid those undesirable circumstances and seek the truth in all things. We learn this by reading our Word.


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