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Recovery Tip For This Week

Posted by Men of Redemption on August 15, 2016

Road_RecoveryThis Week’s Tip of the week . . . .


Serve In An Unexpected Capacity.

I’ve found that serving others during my recovery really enhances my ability to remain focused on doing the right things in life. Helping and serving others takes the attention off of myself and what I’m going through personally and shifts it towards bring joy and hope to someone else who may be in dire need of some themselves. It gives me a sense of peace and care that only helping others or serving others can bring. You can do a number of things in serving others: volunteer to work at a food pantry; serve meals at an orphanage for underprivileged children; help a neighbor with projects around his house; or contact your local city government office and find out what volunteer programs are available so that you might help better your community. It warms my heart when I’m doing something for others to help them better themselves. If each and every one of us would take the time to just help one person, not 10-15 people but just one, we all can make a huge difference in our communities, our families, our marriages, and bring peace where there wasn’t any. Look for opportunities to share, to make and be a difference in someone else’s life, and watch your perspective and desire for recovery shift to levels of high expectancy, and see how God will strengthen you to overcome and be victorious in all you set out to do.


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