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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on August 22, 2016

Breakfast of ChampionsReading God’s Word has really helped me Develop Patience in my life. As I read about the lives of several people in the Bible and see how they were being used by God, I constantly observe how they wait on God for His next move as trust Him and remain obedient. Oftentimes I see myself wanting, desiring that same patience in my own life, waiting patiently for God to do what He desires in my life instead of trying to hurry up the process because of pressures to go it done or get to the conclusion of the situation. I am learning, even to this day, that God has a timeline all His own and He will not be rushed in order to fulfill anything anyone wants for their own timeframe but according to His purpose and timing. That’s one of the things I truly love about our Heavenly Father-He will move in our lives if we give Him permission but will operate in His own sequence and time. In this life of mine, timing is of great essence on my job, in relationships and just about everything I’m involved in. But I rest assured, that when I learn to wait on God, trust Him to do all that He says He will do, and wait, I know He will deliver right on time! Every time!

“Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!”  –  PSALM  27:14


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