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Recovery Tip For This Week

Posted by Men of Redemption on October 10, 2016

Road_RecoveryThis Week’s Tip . . . .




As you become consistent in your recovery, and as God continues to bring healing, understanding to our hearts and minds, consider sharing your renewed, transforming lifestyle with others. As we move forward in recovery, we see and experience real true life through Christ’ eyes, through His Holy Spirit, with wisdom and knowledge to help us make the right decisions for our lives. We spend time restructuring priorities; we reorganize the way we spend our time with others; and most importantly we try to align our lives according to God’s Word. With these attributes, characteristics of faith and promise operating in our lives, we can and will see the transformation from a life of addictive behavior to one of holiness and purity with God’s perspective. Making our Heavenly Father happy with our lives and pleasing Him is our focus as we continue to seek purity with our entire being. One of the ways that will help us in this endeavor is sharing our story with others.

Whatever road you may have travelled that led you to a life of discontent, confusion or just out of control, God’s healing and transformation in your life through recovery will bring hope and understanding to those who don’t have any at all. Someone out there is looking for someone, somebody to step up and declare the hope that is in us who have overcome, who are trying to live a life that has consistency in purity. Yeah, we know we’re trying daily, and it’s a one day at a time process, but those of us who have been true, been honest and consistent with our efforts, we need to share our story with others that they might receive the same. Think about it, pray about it, and ask God to give you strength, the determination, as well as the courage to share your story. Somebody is waiting and looking for their breakthrough, and it could be coming right from your story. Let the power of God’s strength lead and guide you into declaring your overcoming by His grace and by His love for us and through us.






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