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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on October 18, 2016

Breakfast of ChampionsDuring one of my devotional readings this past week, I was enlightened by God’s Word about Faith Barriers that keep us from trusting and doing God’s will. Those barriers include not having confidence in our ability to understand God’s Word, interpret His Word and it’s meaning for our lives, and mainly thinking we not worthy or good enough to read about truth, especially if we’re not living the truth. Well, my example was Moses, a man who had those very same issues and concerns about accepting the task of leading the Israelites out of Egypt to the Promise Land. Moses didn’t believe he could do what God wanted him to do because he felt he wasn’t qualified; he wasn’t a leader; and with a speech problem he certainly believe he wasn’t able to lead a people that he couldn’t communicate with. But as I continued to read this chapter (Exodus 3:10 through 4:17), God showed me in His Word that He would be with Moses and that He would lead him if he just trusted Him. Even knowing that God was who He says He is, Moses still felt unsure whether to take on the challenge because of his procrastination. If we look at our lives today, many of us have or use the same reasoning as to why we don’t read God Word. If you do, might I suggest reading with a friend who is well versed in reading the Word to help you to bring understanding and confidence. If we also just begin to trust God to give us the faith to know that reading His Word is our road map through this thing called life, and without His Word we lean on our own intellect, and that could lead to some unwanted consequences due to bad decision making. So don’t let uncertainty, lack of confidence or even your inability to pick up God’s Word for yourself to learn about stop you from receiving what God has for you. Just ask God to give you the strength to trust Him and He will reveal His Word and you come just as you are and let Him break down those faith barriers with His grace and His love.


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