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A Writer’s Thoughts On . . . .

Posted by Men of Redemption on October 25, 2016

Writer's thoughts



My Thoughts on . . . .

Overcoming The Mountains in Our Lives

Our lives are filled with challenges on a daily basis, some we can see and others we can not. We know there are things in this life that seem overwhelming to us at times, more so in our vulnerable moments than when we are expecting them. But what about those challenges or “mountains” as the Word of God calls them, that seem too much for us to overcome? These “mountains” can be a number of things; debt, financial hardship, real life decisions, loss of employment, betrayal, addictive behaviors, failing marriages, faith, hope. I could go on because that’s where so many of us are in this day and age. Our focus is on how can we overcome these mountains in our lives and still have some sanity  left to cope with life? That in itself is a challenge already! I have struggled with these same challenges and as I live and breathe I will continue to see these mountains in my life. But the understanding to dealing with these mountains is not trying to figure out how to overcome them, but recognizing them, acknowledging them and asking God what is it that He is trying to get me to understand why they are there. We don’t want to deal with the mountains in our lives because it interferes with our tasks, our plans, and all it does is impedes our forward progress. I believe we have to understand first and foremost is that there is reason(s) why they are there. God has purpose for everything we go through in life, and He wants to see us overcome in all areas of our lives. One way to strengthen our focus and to begin to overcome is seeing how bad we want to succeed and trusting Him in that process.

I’m reminded of the story in the Bible in the book of Zechariah 4:1-9, where Zerubbabel was to rebuild the temple but was discouraged and didn’t know how that was going to happen. The tasks to complete this temple were overwhelming and it became evidently clear that he didn’t know how this was to happen. But God, through His prophet Zechariah, informed him to tell Zerubbabel that . . . . “it is nor by might nor by power but by my Spirit.” And that is the best way we can overcome any and all mountains in our lives. We need to trust God to reveal the nature of the mountain and seek His guidance to overcome it. We’ll never overcome anything in this life by leaning to our own understanding. It will never leave us and we’ll spend the rest of our lives trying to beat our mountains down anyway we can, exhausting ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If God is willing to show us how we can overcome, why are struggling and not trusting Him to do what He wants to do in us and through us? Who better to help us in our time of need that the Almighty God, Jesus Christ Himself?


So no matter how high or difficult your mountain(s) may appear to you, if you just begin to trust The One who can remove them from your way you will be able to proceed with less difficulty and more focus. These mountains are mere stubble in His sight, and God wants us to recognize that they, too, can be the same way we see them if we trust Him through it all. It’s God’s Holy Spirit that will direct us to overcoming all mountains in our lives, no matter how they manifest themselves or appear to us through the struggles of this life. God can do it because He has overcome the world!

Just some thoughts from a brotha who lives and believes that we all can overcome if we just allow God to be the God of our lives. He delights in bringing us joy and life more abundantly when we declare Him God over all we are and are becoming. Just saying . . . .


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