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Recovery Tip For This Week

Posted by Men of Redemption on October 31, 2016

Road_RecoveryThis Week’s Tip . . . .




Be grateful that we have those in our support system that believe in what we’re doing as far as recovery goes. They are the ones who pray for us; they are the ones who encourages and assist us in our efforts to fight the battle for purity and wholeness in Christ. That support system should be the basic foundation of every man and women in recovery who strives for freedom in Christ. But there are those who don’t believe that we’ll ever get there because they perceive that the damage caused by our actions is far too greater than the forgiveness and healing of Jesus Christ. They see the pain, the hurt, the deception as well as the betrayal of what we’ve done. In their eyes it’s hard to see forgiveness, even after a time of healing and transformation has taken place in our lives. It’s not about if we’ll ever turn the corner and begin to live a life worthy and acceptable in their sight, but to them it’s about have we paid the costs of the collateral damage we’ve caused. Is it or was it long enough that now forgiveness can finally be looked at from their perspective. Well, I’m here to share with those of us in recovery that no matter what you have done in your actions or behavior, the Lord Jesus Christ has (1) known about our actions and behaviors from the very beginning, (2) forgiven us of those actions and behaviors when He died on the Cross, (3) He rose from the dead to give us and bring us new life and that more abundantly and (4) He desires us to seek Him with all of hearts that He might lead us in living a life of purity and wholeness by His Holy Spirit. Yes, we acknowledge our transgressions, we repent of our wrong doing. But we must pick up our cross and follow Him, go after Him with all of our being and not look behind us or what we have done. If we continue to hold on to those who doubt our new intentions, we stay stuck, stagnate, and in our minds we’ll never be able to move forward. Once we have apologized to those we have harmed, our next step is to trust and depend on God to help us in bring renewal and transformation to our hearts and minds. Those that we have hurt, they will need time to forgive us, and rightfully so. But in the meantime, we need to begin to surround ourselves with those who will guide us, encourage us, and those who are like-minded who desire to help us in this journey. We’re not ignoring the issues, we’re just moving in a direction of healing and purpose. So pray for those who are not in agreement with us, and ask God to place those people in our lives, our recoveries, that will help us get to where we need to go and need to be. This will strengthen our purpose and desire to allow our hearts to manifest our true intentions to those we’ve hurt.



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