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Recovery Tip For This Week

Posted by Men of Redemption on November 7, 2016

praiseThis week’s Tip . . . .



Don’t Try to Do More Than You Can Do.

You’ve been in recovery for almost a year now and you’re feeling pretty good about this recovery thing. All is and has gone well and you believe you’ve got it down to a science right? Well, slow your roll my friend. It’s not about how comfortable you can get in your recovery, it’s about how consistent you can remain without doing more than you should. One of the things most men and women want to do is add more to their efforts because they feel, even believe, that they can absorb one more level of effort to insure progress is moving forward instead of backwards. It’s encouraging to want to add something to your recovery, especially if it’s going to really build your confidence and improve on character concerns. But if we take a serious inventory of where we are in our recovery we might find that adding something when everything is going well might be just a little premature at that particular time. Yeah we all want those who didn’t believe we couldn’t get this far to see us now, but with that kind of mentality and mindset we’d be defeating our purpose for recovery. Stay in your lane! Don’t try to do any more than what you already have. Let what you have work for you and continue to mature in what you have established. Sometimes adding new progressions can be dangerous, especially if you’re not ready or prepared for them. If you feel good about adding something, seek the guidance of a mentor, or someone who is a part of your recovery structure and ask them for their thoughts and opinions. Having someone else’s opinions and observations will you give more clarity as to where you really believe you are and it can only help enhance your progression and it’s consistency.




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