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Recovery Tip For This Week

Posted by Men of Redemption on November 14, 2016

Road_RecoveryThis week’s tip . . . .



Celebrate Every Victory Responsibly

In recovery, we’re going to have daily victories as we meet the challenges head on. Some days we’ll overcome with joy and other days we’ll lose a battle or two and feel bad, but realize we will not lose the war. We need to be thankful for every victory in recovery no matter how small or how great. Progression is the key, along with consistency, if we’re ever going to see freedom the way God wants us to. So, with every victory we need to acknowledge that victory, the efforts that were put into that victory, and thank God for allowing His grace and mercy to be over us during that time. Some of us may have had to do a little more in our recovery for a simple victory, but when we do get that daily victory we ought to celebrate it by thanking God, His Holy Spirit for empowering us to overcome and then share that victory with other men who are trying to have what we have. There is nothing more enjoyable in recovery that to share our daily victories with other men who are trying to get freedom and see it in our recovery because it gives them hope. They really begin to believe that it could happen for them. God wants us celebrate in all He does for us, and that includes our daily victories and the overcoming of the obstacles in life. Continue to persevere in your recovery, and look at every daily victory as a step in the right direction to where God wants to take you. You’re a step closer, and that’s exactly what God desires of us, to be moving towards Him with everything we’ve got-mind, body and soul.


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