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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on November 23, 2016

Breakfast of ChampionsOkay, it’s the day before Thanksgiving. Many of us know the history behind this celebrated day but how many know that the real thanksgiving belongs to our Father God, the Lord Jesus Christ because of His sacrifice, His death, and His resurrection. Had it not been for His giving of His life we surely would not be here as we know it. In God’s Word, this event was mentioned many times by the Prophets of old, and then revealed in the Gospels. But do we really understand the magnitude of this life-giving moment as it relates to salvation? God loved us so much, His greatest creation, that didn’t want anyone to perish because the world was evil in all of its thinking, that He gave His only Son to die in our place so that we might live. And not just live but have life and that more abundantly. Despite the sin that’s in the world today, we still have life and many of us are living that abundant life. But what about those who aren’t? They can still have that opportunity which Christ gave to every man, it’s the choice to accept him or deny Him that ultimately determines their direction. What are you thankful for in this Thanksgiving moment? Are you thankful everyday, which we should be anyway, for life itself because it wasn’t written in stone that we should wake up today or any day. It’s because God has allowed us to awaken, and has purpose and intention for every one of us to share what He has done for us. I’m grateful, thankful, that He cared, and still cares about me enough that He would want the very best in life for me despite myself and everything around me. I give Him thanks daily, always, as He gives me life. How about you?


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