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Today, I Will Trust God to . . .

Posted by Men of Redemption on January 2, 2017




. . . Reveal My Purpose in this Life

Lord God, I pray this day that in all that do in this day that you have given me, that you grant me the understanding that I know my purpose for this life; that I may boldly walk in the comforts and protection of your love and grace, for I know I have meaning to bring light to the darkness. Show me O God what exactly it is that you’ve created me to do, to carry out, and I will obey and remain obedient to my purpose as long as I have life in my body. You are Sovereign Lord God, and there is no one like you; So Father God, show me your will, your desire for my life that I may please you, and bring your glory to a hungry and thirsty world where others can experience and drink of the Living Water from which they will never thirst.


One Response to “Today, I Will Trust God to . . .”

  1. Sima said

    Awesome post.


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