Men of Redemption

Restoring a Life of Purity – One Day at a Time

Today, I Will Trust God to . . . .

Posted by Men of Redemption on January 6, 2017




. . . . Overcome All Adversity

In Jesus’ Name, Father I pray this day that when I am faced with the struggles, the trials and adversities that this life brings, that you would strengthen me to overcome, to not be overwhelmed bi their forces to destroy me. Strengthen Lord God by the Holy Spirit that I might be able to stand against the wiles and devices of the enemies of my soul; Fill me with courage and the tenacity to move forward in power, victory and authority that you would receive the glory; give me the instruction and guidance that the enemy will be defeated because he knows the God who created the Universe He is my Lord and that there is no fear of him who is defeated already.


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