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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on January 9, 2017

 Alright! The new year 2017 is here, and we are on our way into . . . ? Have you asked yourself that question yet? Well, if you haven’t and before you do, ponder this thought. What am I seeking out of reading God’s Word this new year? Last year we read and read, trying be as consistent as we could in daily reading. We discovered some things about biblical history, identity, ourselves when it comes to everyday human life with its struggles and successes. But what about this year? Has our purpose changed? If we’re honest, our purpose doesn’t really change, it’s the desire to read more and persevere in our efforts. Sometimes it got difficult in keeping focus on being consistent because reading the Word would be all over the place and easily get distracted or lost. But the good thing about the Word is that it will bring right back to where you left off. God’s Word is pure and holy, and He will bring us to see His purpose and understanding to every story, every situation, and show us the lessons He wants us to learn. So this year, remaining focus, purposeful and intentional should be continued efforts for us as read God’s Word. The interesting thing about this is that we can go deeper into the things of God. And when we go deeper God reveals things to draw us closer to Him, to know Him on more intimate level. So let’s make 2017 a year that we press through inconsistency, that we overcome the challenge to fight and not bow down to boredom or tiredness because His Word is alive and living in us.


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