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Is Accountability a Member or Associate in Your Life?

Posted by Men of Redemption on January 11, 2017

Who Are You Accountable to?

Understanding accountability to some folks can be a very personal and irritating thing. I mean, think about it-being accountable means being vulnerable, making yourself, your actions, as well as most of what you do in life open to someone or something. Oh, that also includes your character, your decisions and thoughts, and your relationships with intentions involved. Am I getting on some of your nerves yet? Probably so. Don’t mean to though. But then again, I do want to make something very aware to you that might be a little disturbing to some. All of us need accountability whether we like it or not, and there are lots of reasons to support that fact.

Many of us like to believe that we have a nice grip on life, making the right choices and decisions; know how and when to avoid trouble when it comes our way; even give the appearance that we have it all together. But what about those times when we’re by ourselves and decisions need to be made about integrity? What about when temptation is about to overwhelm you and you’re married, what will you do? How do you handle dishonesty, lying, cheating, stealing, etc., and there is no one around? Well, those moments happen everyday in every person’s life, and the way we handle those situations in life dictate if we have accountability or not. If we don’t have accountability, the results can be, and will be revealed with serious consequences. Not having someone being accountable to will often lead us down a pathway of destruction and isolation.

Having accountability can be a real advantage to us if we use it right. When we allow someone, a person or persons that we have grown to trust and they have placed their trust in us as well, we would allow them to speak into and over our lives in every area, giving us wise counsel and discernment. Instead of thinking and believing we know it all, that extra mind, that additional vote of confidence and wisdom will come in handy when deciding on what to do. It’s so easy to do what our flesh says to do because the flesh has only one goal-to please itself! If our goals are to please ourselves, then we turn all the attention to what we want and not accountability is ever invited because it’s all about “YOU.” Being responsible and understanding the importance of having others in our lives to help us will keep us in check, keep our hearts and intentions honest and truthful. Those of us who are in recovery, we know how important accountability is and can be in almost every aspect of life. It’s imperative that we have it because without it, isolation will have its way. That will lead to all kinds of wrong. Knowing that we have those we surround ourselves with that we become accountable to makes us work hard at doing the right thing at all times, not just when people are looking. Think about it this way: Who are you when no one is looking or around you? Are you the same person always, and can anyone vouch for you to prove that statement? If there is, that’s accountability my friend. Be true to yourself and others in all that you do. Be accountable to someone you can trust, and be comfortable in honesty and transparency.





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