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A Writer’s Thoughts . . . .

Posted by Men of Redemption on January 13, 2017

Writer's thoughts




. . . . Being Alone

Is it good to be alone? Most people like it, many don’t. But sometimes it has its advantages when you want to clear your mind, your thoughts and even your heart if you’re burdened down emotionally. I find being alone is best when I’m wanting and desiring to hear from the Lord, what He wants to say to me, things He may want me to do or not to do. I believe that being alone at times can help me re-focus on my purpose in this life, realizing what my priorities are and getting back to task.

But on the other side of being alone, there’s the thought of fear, worry, anger and frustration. I know that’s lots to ponder but sometimes that’s the case with many of us. We go away, whether it’s a long drive out in the country, or maybe to the mountains where we are far above, away from everything and everybody. We just want to be by ourselves without human feedback, without the misunderstanding of the things we might be going through, and just stare out into the open without searching for anything. The problem with that is sometimes too much being alone can be dangerous because we become vulnerable emotionally, opening ourselves up to the enemy bringing in thoughts that are doubtful and shameful. We will reflect on our past, the good and bad things we did. And if the bad outweighs the good, guess what’s going to get our undivided attention? We can get lost, begin to feel guilty or even depressed because of what we may have done or said that brought pain or hurt to people in our lives. This is a prime time for the enemy of our souls to come right in and mess with our minds to get us to doubt God’s love and care for us. We tend to allow ourselves to focus to long on the bad seasons and not have the balance to look at the good as well. We don’t have anyone around because we chose to be alone. Do we blame others for their lack of sensitivity towards us? Some do, others really don’t care. But we have to ask ourselves a question in the midst of being alone: Where is God in all this?


Even in our alone moments, God is there and always will be. He knows our hearts, our hurts and our disappointments. When we chose to be alone we have to remember that we’re never alone because God never intended for us as His greatest creation to be alone. There’s nothing wrong with being alone because sometimes we need to be alone to think, to meditate, to ponder things, life. But we need to remember, God is always there listening, waiting, and desiring for us to share our heart’s desires with him in our being alone. He knows us, He created us didn’t He? He designed every fiber of our being didn’t He? So why would we even begin to think that what we may have done or said to others, and the results of those actions or behaviors would be condemning or unforgivable. Our God, the Lord Jesus Christ, created us with purpose for relationship and to glorify Him with this life He has given us. We were never meant to be alone in the first place. So when you’re thinking about being alone, whatever your reason for doing it, you’re never alone, even without human companionship God is there and He wants to be a part of that being alone with you. In God’s Word, when Jesus was alone He was either praying (Matt. 14:23) or He was traveled as the Father was with Him (John 8:16). So when Jesus did whatever He did, even in times when it stated he was alone, He was really never alone because His Father was with Him at all times. That’s what we need to rest in, knowing that the heavenly Father is with us no matter our reason for being alone.

Just some thoughts from a brother who enjoys spending time alone but knows that my heavenly Father is there with me to guide me, to hear my cries and petitions, and to bring comfort and peace to all of my situations and circumstances. I’m praying that all of you desire when you’re taking some time to be alone to allow the Holy God, Jesus Christ, to minister to you because He’s waiting, He’s listening and wants to hear our heart’s cry for His goodness to be active in our lives. Just saying . . . .



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