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Read You Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on February 7, 2017


So I’m reading the book of 1 Chronicles as my daily reading of God’s Word in the Old Testament. This was one book that I had been unintentionally avoiding for years. I knew that this book appeared as one of those in the Bible that would take longer to read and maybe perhaps longer to understand. But quite the contrary, I’m finding that this book is rapidly moving at quite a pace for me. It’s a compilation of the histories of the kings and men God used to accomplished His work through the ages. But the thing I’m learning about 1 Chronicles is that it gives more details about every situation in previous accounts. It brings remembrance to episodes of all the great kings of Israel and Jerusalem, as well as Judah. So if there was anything I missed from the books of 1 & 2 Kings which I have completed and read previously before I started Chronicles, it brings historical heritage back to the forefront. I strongly believe that reading about the history of war, the battles that were fought with us in mind is such an understanding concept in realizing what our foundation of Holy purpose truly is! They fought the battles, the spiritual battles that we might know the who, what, why, when, where and how the great I AM wanted to lay the history for us to receive and learn from. And with birth of His Son, Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection to bring abundant life where we didn’t deserve life, God made it clear how much He loves us by showing us history and what it took for us to get to where we are today. Some of us are still trying to understand the battles from yesteryear. God’s Word let’s us know exactly the purpose, the plan and it’s very clear right there in His Word for us to partake of. He’s such a good God. He never leaves alone and always desire to keep us in the know and Him and our purpose.





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