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Help is Here to Heal the Brokenhearted

Posted by Men of Redemption on February 10, 2017


There are so many men and women in the world today who are walking this earth in woundedness from past hurts, traumatized by negative experiences form family and relationships of old. They may not have caused the problem, but then again maybe they did. Nevertheless, the burden of those who have decided or chosen to medicate their pain or sorrows by allowing themselves to become involved in sexual addictive behaviors is not the answer. So many of us have tried to find some kind of answer so that we escape reality, hide ourselves from the shame and guilt that we’ve allowed ourselves to become of in this life of sexual promiscuity. Our culture is sexually saturated in immorality and it’s like we have accepted it as a lifestyle. It’s tragic, and has grown to epidemic proportions. What can we do about it as people of God if the world we live has generally accepted it? Where is our hope? Who is our hope? For me, my hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ. After struggling with addictive behaviors for many years, I found the help I needed through a God-fearing, Bible-based ministry called Pure Desire Ministries International, founded by Dr. Ted & Diane Roberts. This ministry has provided me with the understanding, tools, guidance, instruction, wisdom and knowledge I needed to overcome my struggles, and to walk in freedom with a sense of renewed hope in Christ. He has authored and DVD series called “The Conquer Series” that shows men how to overcome the struggles of sexual impurity, showing me how to set up biblical structure in my life and instilling disciplines to maintain a consistent life of purity with accountability and Biblical references to secure that foundation.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Dr. Ted and Diane Roberts at a conference they facilitated in a neighboring city close to where I lived. I found them to be a powerful, anointed couple with God’s favor resonating within their hearts as they spoke with conviction and authority. I knew I had to have this curriculum and what they were offering, and it has changed my life.

Maybe there are some of you out there who are tired of struggling with addictive behaviors, looking for help but the shame and guilt of your actions and past behaviors have enabled you to remain suppressed in your desire to cry out for help. Maybe you feel you’ve hurt too many people with the collateral damage you’ve caused to others while you were in your mess and can’t fight through the pain and embarrassment to admit you have a problem. This Conquer Series will change your life just like it changed mine. No matter what you may have done, or are doing if you’re still in that behavioral mindset, this series will make the difference to help you turn your life around and begin to walk in true freedom. Don’t allow yourself to continue walking in woundedness, still continuing to allow the sinful pleasures of this life to keep you ensnared in bondage without ever having hope to escape its clutches. Make a decision today and check out The Conquers Series and let it make the difference you need, and what you’re looking to get you started on the road to walking in freedom instead of woundedness.


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