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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on February 14, 2017



One of my favorite stories I like to read about in God’s Word is in Genesis chapter three where His Word describes when Adam and Eve were exposed after partaking of the fruit which they were forbidden of by God. I see so much understanding in this passage because it reminds me so much of myself when it comes to being passive. In chapter two, God gives Adam the authority to name all the animals he sees, to cultivate the land (work), and to enjoy all the works of the Lord God’s Hands. Now when they both were in the midst of the garden, Eve was somehow tempted by the serpent, with Adam close within sight. How he not saw that situation happening is beyond me, I’ll never know. My question is this: what was Adam doing that was so important that he didn’t take the time to see what held Eve’s attention as long as it did? Did he honestly think that she was just admiring the fruit of the garden and how beautiful it was? Possibly. But what I’ve learned is this could very well be the first act of passivity in man as we know it. I see the evidence as it’s written: Adam close by in the garden; not paying attention to the most beautiful thing unlike anything else in the garden; and not stepping into what she was doing with intentions of finding out. To me, I see passivity written all over this scenario. Maybe you don’t see it, but looking at marriages today, and how men are treating their wives, it’s no wonder why this same scenario is happening before our eyes. We tend to think that this just happens when you get married, but it doesn’t. Its even in the lives of single men as well. When reading God’s Word, I try to find what it is that God is trying to show me or tell me. This was one lesson I truly believe is so prevalent in our age today. Some of as men are trapped by this state of passivity, being ensnared by the lack of confidence to stand up, man-up, and be who we were created to be. Our Lord God gave us, blessed us, and instilled in us the spiritual authority to lead, to guide and to direct our marriages and families with His presence instructing us as men. He didn’t create us for excuses (Gen. 3:12); He didn’t form us for fear (Gen. 3:10); and He didn’t make us to hide from shame and guilt (Gen. 3:8). So what I am saying to the men out there? Know who you are and whose you are, and we will operate in the gifting that is already in you from the beginning.




One Response to “Read Your Word This Morning?”

  1. Freddy G. Martinez said

    Wow ! Powerful !!!


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