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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on March 6, 2017

read-your-wordThe Delays of Life Have Intended Purpose For Us


None of us enjoy waiting on things. It seems that in all aspects of life there is always something that we’re waiting for. And for some reason it always ends up our patience level get lower and lower.  Reading God’s Word really addresses this concern of ours with more patience that we’ll ever know. Numerous times in scripture I find where waiting on God for an answer, for direction and for intention is paramount in determining the right disposition for every situation. Every delay we encounter means we are waiting for God in one way or another. So we have to understand that all situations are governed by God who has all authority in everything. He controls our day-to-day inconveniences and frustrations. I believe there are three answers that God gives as reasons for delays: Yes, No, and Wait. The first two we can accept because we draw our own conclusions to them. The last one, Wait, drives some of us towards frustration because we want an answer sooner than later, afraid that the “opportunity” may pass us by if don’t act immediately. As I continue to read God’s Word I’m learning that even with those three reasons for delay, God has intention and purpose for granting an answer to our situations or concerns. Being a Christian, first of all, learning to wait is extremely important as we’ll never be able to walk in obedience to God. It’s not about getting our answers and then moving on-It’s about knowing that God has purpose and intentionality to bring glory to Himself through us. We are not living for or to ourselves, but for others to see and obtain what we have, Jesus Christ Himself! We as children of God must learn to trust His judgment, not just on the big decisions of our lives but also on the small, trivial ones as well. When we begin to become sensitive to God’s instruction, each delay will have something important for us to learn. Remember next time when we have to face an unexpected wait or delay that it is no surprise to God. His Word teaches us that there is something He wants to teach us or grow us regarding patience and increase our faith in Him. He is more interested in developing godly character in us than He is making sure our schedules run according to our own plans. In your waiting, trust God that He will strengthen and encourage you where there is the hope of His sovereign love and grace in all of your situations.


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