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Read Your Word This Morning? – Are You Willing to Get Up and Go When God Calls You

Posted by Men of Redemption on March 13, 2017



How do you handle instruction when you are told to do something you are not prepared to do, especially if you have a family and all that goes with it? I mean how do you pick up everything you have, all of your belongings, all of your necessities and property, and uproot from where you are and instructed to go somewhere you have no idea where or how to get there? Crazy thing isn’t it? Well, Abram (Abraham) faced that difficult situation and I’m almost certain he had the same concerns. But the one thing that Abram had that a lot people don’t have: A Relationship with the Father. When God saw the faithfulness and obedience in Abram when He instructed him to sacrifice his son Isaac, God saw his compassion to obey His commands, intervened with Abram before he was getting ready to sacrifice Isaac and confirmed their relationship. God had a plan for Abram, and just like you and me, He wants to carry out that plan to fruition as we continue in obedience to Him. Have you ever considered that God wants you at a specific location, in a specific position for a specific purpose? Our lives aren’t for our living but for the purpose of glorifying God in all we do no matter where we are. And with those instructions God reveals His plan to those who are faithful and true to His calling. There probably were questions in Abram’s mind and heart like “Why Lord? . . . We are happy here, where will we go? . . . and Why me Lord, why now?” I know those would be some questions I would have. But if our relationship with God is firm, developed and built on His Word and His promises, we can trust the Lord in anything He desires or wants us to do. God gives us assurances that whatever He wants us to do or wherever He wants us to go, He will give clear and concise instruction as what He wants. Then there’s these blessings He throws in there for comfort and awareness to ease our doubtful minds because of our obedience and submission to His will. Learn to trust God no matter what He desires from us because, with God, It’s All Good!!


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