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A Writer’s Thoughts On . . . . Conforming to Christ’s Image

Posted by Men of Redemption on March 15, 2017



I’m reminded of how my life was when I didn’t know Christ as my personal Savior. It was a pretty site, with all the problems and struggles I had going on with people, relationships and perspectives. I had no clue what was happening in life. I thought I did, but those thoughts were centered around selfishness and ego. I wasn’t a very likeable person. But when I finally decided to give my life, my everything to God and allow Him to transform me and my life, that’s when things really began to change for me. I wanted change because I needed change, the way I was going. I had no direction, no purpose, and didn’t know who I was, especially in Christ. So I had to allow God to reshape me-and that meant in mind, body and spirit.

I tried to change myself by attempting to be nicer, be more courteous and more respectful but that didn’t last long because it wasn’t genuine or consistent. It had to be an internal change, a heart change. The only way that could happen was me allowing God to shape and mold me into the image of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. And what came with that was the eradication and pruning every area of my life. I wasn’t too acceptable for change but I knew if God was going to do in me what was best for me, I had to let go and let God do what He does-and that’s transform, renew and conform into the image of holiness and obedience. 

My Mind (Romans 12:2)

My thinking had to be renewed. God changed the way I was thinking by giving focus on the things of God. I needed to concentrate and meditate on His Word, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me unto all understanding and truth by bringing clarity and wisdom to all that I involved myself. I had to give up thoughts of selfishness, the things I thought was best for me, and allow God to direct my mind with purpose and direction as I submitted myself totally to His will and not my own.

My Heart (Romans 12:2)

My Heart had to be transformed. After having a heart that was all about me, what I wanted, and what was best for me, I had to first die to self and acknowledge that I needed a Savior. That the only way that a man like me could ever change was allowing The One who created me to transform this heart from what it was and allow God to give me a heart that loves people, that has passion for the things of God. I needed to learn how to love people and love God. Love was what I was missing because The love I had in my heart was not the Agape Love God intended for me in the beginning. He has taught me and showed me what love is by how He shows His love towards me.

My Spirit (Psalm 51:10)

I needed the right Spirit in my life. Whatever was inside me didn’t concern itself with others, nor did it concern itself with what God had for me. I had to let God re-enter my heart, speak His loving words to me where it really mattered and allow me to see me for who I really am and understand my purpose in this life. His Holy Spirit, which was giving to me at salvation, was not operating in my heart as He should have been, thus, God removed whatever was in me and the Holy Spirit became more occupied and resident in me and my heart. He exchanged the cold, deceptive, agenda-laden motives for the fruits of His Spirit-kindness, joy, love, peace, joy, longsuffering. My heart was never the same again after He changed it to a heart of compassion and worship.

So God is still working on shaping and molding me into the image of His Son. To this day, I desire to shaped, stretched, torn and broken so that I can confirm to His image and not my own image of what I think I should be. I want to be like Christ, in character, in word and in deed. I know that’s a lot of molding and shaping, but you know what, if God is in control I know when the finished product comes to light I know He will be proud I said “You have me Lord, you have my mind and my heart. I trust in you O God!”

Just some encouraging words from a brotha who knows what God has done in his life, the changes that He made and is still making to conform me into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ. I’m so thankful I’m not where I used to be and who I used to be. I am a better man now because of His grace, His mercy and His love for me. And I will shout it on the mountaintops until He returns for me, because He is a good God! Just saying . . . .

“O house of Israel, can I not do with you as this potter?” says the Lord. “Look, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand, O house of Israel!”  –  Jeremiah 18:6


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