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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on March 27, 2017



Here’s the real challenge for all of us as people of God: Will we do what God Word says and what He tells us to do? It’s exciting and rewarding that as we have received salvation, a new life in Christ Jesus along with everything that comes with the transformation but we tend to struggle with doing what God requires of us. He doesn’t ask us to do anything that we cannot do or anything that He won’t equip us to do. God’s main concern about His people is that we keep His commandments, love Him with all of our hearts, and love one another. That is a lot for many of us, especially if we’ve had trouble with keeping our word or promises, or are not very good at developing relationship. But that’s where the love, joy and peace of God comes in. We can’t do or live the Christian life on our own understanding or by what we think we ought to do. God’s Word has instructions, disciplines and purpose for our lives, each and every one of us. It’s really a question of obedience on our part. Will we do what God says is the main question. We can read His Word every day; we can attend church 2-3 times a week; we can think of all the good deeds we can do to help others; but if our motives or our agendas are not genuine we’re missing the whole point of Christianity. As we read His Word, making application by doing what He says is the key. When he says to love thy neighbor, some of us wouldn’t even dream of loving the people living next door to us, or the co-worker we work with every day, or the stranger that we run into by accident. But God say love him anyway. What do we do? We ask God to show us how to love others, then God will ask you “How do I love you?” and show them that same love. That goes across the board with everything we do in life. If we don’t know how to do what He says, all we have to do is ask Him and He will give us the strength and the understanding to do exactly what He desires of us. But we as people of God need to get understanding (Proverbs 19:8) and wisdom (Proverbs 4:7) so that doing what God desires of us demonstrates obedience and submission to His Word. Begin to trust God to strengthen you to apply His Word as you receive it through your reading.


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