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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on April 5, 2017


Our faith is important to us because it’s the primary source of our belief system. We have to have faith in something or someone so that we may have the hope and assurance that everything will be alright. We all have faith in something but that is entirely up to the individual and where he or she is spiritually. But as for me, my hope and is in Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior. And I will always place my faith and hope in Him because I know in my heart that He is true, living and full of hope and glory! So I know in my heart when I trust the faith that I have in Him that whatever I desire or hope for I know He will grant it to me if it’s according to His will and He desires it for me. My faith is in His promises that I will have what I believe Him for and He will give it to me. I believe God to do what He says He will do in the areas of healing; in guiding me into all truth and understanding; and in helping me in discernment of the things of God. My faith is key and I strongly believe in trusting God to follow through in everything He says and everything He will do. No matter what my situation is or what I may need at any given moment I know beyond any doubt that the Lord my God is faith and just, and that He will do all that He says He will do, even more so according His will.


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