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Read your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on April 19, 2017


We live in a world where rules and protocol changes every time the wind blows or the weather changes, and that’s more frequently than we desire. Someone is always coming up with new ideas, a better purpose for this, new technology. There’s nothing wrong with ingenuity I’m all for that and I get it. And a lot of what’s happening around us has influenced us in tremendous ways, some good and some bad. As a society we’re moving so fast that nothing ever has time to take root anymore. With that being said, where does the Word of God fit into this equation and how do I remain faithful to God’s Word with all this technology and creativity happening around me. I believe God’s Word clearly describes what we as children of the Most High God  what we ought to do-know His Word and stay rooted and grounded in that foundation. We can get radically influenced and caught up with society to the point where we forget about what God’s Word teaches up about knowing what He says about life and what goes on around us. We become enamored with technology in such a way that it interferes and even prevents us from spending needed and quality time in his Word. We tend to forget about making that effort and slowly drawn into the lure of modern influence really easily. This is where we, children of God, must a stand and not allow ourselves to be caught up and drawn away from God’s Word! I don’t have anything against advancement or technology, but we need boundaries; we need to understand that knowing God’s Word and staying rooted in His Word will help us not get to that point. I know for myself, I need His Word in my life every day, and I still make use of those things that are created to help me, to further me, but I also have to remember that without staying focused and rooted in God’s Word I can easily be influenced with those who want to influence me into whatever they are implementing or introducing. And it’s not just technology-its everything! It’s our thought process; its our lifestyles; it’s our perspectives; and most of all it’s can be our belief system! Staying grounded in the Word and having a foundation that’s cemented in God’s teaching on abundant living helps maintain our focus and also keeps us from philosophies, influences that are created intentionally to separate us from God’s Word. Be mindful and aware people of God!



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