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Read Your Word This Morning?

Posted by Men of Redemption on April 26, 2017



Have you ever asked God what your calling is on your life? Or maybe you don’t even know there is a calling for your life, and it has a purpose you weren’t even aware of. Well, we do! God just didn’t create human being just for the sole purpose of creation. He has a purpose, a plan, because he knew what the world was going to be like, especially when He gave us all the gift of free will. God knew that every created being was going to live life as they perceived it in their own minds. But He also created a small part in our hearts that’s especially designed for us to commune with Him, and that part has been infiltrated with worldly thinking, worldly concepts among other things we allowed to influence. No matter, God has intended purpose and calling on all of His creation and we cannot run from it. Some of hear God calling everyday, and yet we look for reason, for excuse to avoid acknowledging Him or run from His calling. We say things like . . . . “Who was that saying that? “Something keeps telling I should be doing that!” Or “This thing has been on my mind since I could remember!” Chances are, that’s God still trying to get our attention and make known His calling to us. Then we have some of us who know what God is saying to us and we feel we’re not good enough to do what He asks or requires of us. For whatever reason, we believe we’re inadequate, not qualified, and we look for a reason to tell Him maybe He has the wrong person. I’ve got news for you-God knows what He wants, who He wants and exactly what He wants that individual what to do. He will not call anyone to anything without equipping them to handle the tasks He ordains. There were many people in the Bible that portrayed the same mentality and mindset. What causes someone to run or attempt to avoid their calling-many things. Just to name a few- fear, lack of trust, sin, doubt and so on. Any of these has worked for so many since the beginning of time. How about you? Do you recognize any of these examples? Are you running from your calling from the Lord God, your creator? We can’t run from God, nor can we hide from Him. What He starts and begins in you He will complete, trust me on this. One day, some how, some way, He will get our attention, and hopefully we ill acknowledge Him and say . . . . “Yes Lord, I’m sorry for running. Here I am Lord, send me!”  



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