Men of Redemption

Restoring a Life of Purity – One Day at a Time


Posted by Men of Redemption on May 9, 2017



The battle we face today in this life is much bigger, much stronger, and more determined to take us all out if we don’t get the help we need to stand against the wiles and devices of the enemy of our souls. What am I talking about? I’m talking about how so many men and women are fighting for their lives over Sexual Addiction and Addictive Behaviors. Yes, this is a problem that’s affected both men and women at epidemic proportions. Many people look at this problem as something you can go see your doctor about; get a prescription for something hoping that the problem will go away. I wish it that easy but that’s nothing more than a lie from the pit of hell! Some of have lost almost everything-from relationships to family; from marriages to our lives because of this issue. We as a society have become some complacent in accepting this behavior as “it’s a growing up maturity thing” and “it’s just understanding the opposite sex” and we’re allowing it to have place in our homes, our jobs, and especially in our churches. And as a result of this acceptance, we see on a daily basis how these behaviors have affected mankind in every area of his and her lives. Daily we’re hearing how sexual assaults have risen; so many teachers and professional are falling into compromising situations where their jobs have been terminated because of these issues. In the church, pastors, lay-minister and worship leaders are falling because they’re utilizing God’s anointing to their own self advantages. Then we see it in our children where technology has influenced them into watching porn on their electronic devices, sharing illicit photos and texting obscene comments to entice one another. That’s also not to mention to numerous adult-rated sites they can access and many of us as parents don’t even know they’re doing this! When was the last time you checked your child’s electronic device(s); cell phone, iPad, Notebook, even the Apps they access? Do you honestly know what they contain and what their motive is for using their app? You might be surprised, but then again you won’t be because it falls under the category of “Well, everybody’s doing it so . . . ” When are we going to wake up as people, as parents, and as sitting ducks for the enemy to stop having his way in our lives?

Being an individual who has overcome these issues, and continues to overcome daily so that they won’t return, I see so many people who struggle with this and it appears that they have allowed them to become a part of their lives, they’ve accepted it because everybody else is doing it. It’s culturally accepted. No matter what their struggle may be-porn, immorality, adultery, lust, affairs, fantasy, anything that is sexually related, it has become the norm! But those of us who know what this is doing to us and our society, how can we make a difference in awareness to the what the enemy is doing? 

The problem is that it so widely and worldly accepted that anything else is considered abnormal. No morals and no sanctity of righteousness is considered at all in life! The only thing I believe we can do is those of us are aware of these issues and are struggling themselves is get the help you need because it is out there if you want it. How long can you continue to live a life of sexual promiscuity and compromising your morals and ethics before you begin to lose everything. It will happen because I’ve seen it, and continue to see daily. I can only share my experiences and encourage others, and pray that my life displays the fruits of my labor as God enable me to make a turn around from defeated to victorious living. I wanted change. I desired to allow God to make the difference in changing my life for the better. The help is out there everyone, and I know the shame and guilt of it all will attempt to keep you from moving forward in this. Don’t let it ensnare you any longer! Step out in faith, trust God, and get the support of those who are walking in freedom because they wanted it and ask them to help you in this journey.



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