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Posted by Men of Redemption on June 8, 2017


“I’ve told a couple of my friends about my problem with sexual addiction. They tell me that it’s not a problem and that every man goes through this behavior. I don’t see anything wrong with it. So why do I need to get some help for something every man is going through but they’re not getting as well?”      

Well, if you know you have a problem already, then why are you consulting your friends and being influenced by their opinions? Didn’t mean to answer a question with a question. Bad journalism! My friend, if you know you have a problem, talk to someone who is experienced in this issue of sexual integrity. You need to understand the complexity and collateral damage this type of behavior can cause. With you thinking, and probably believing, there is nothing wrong with “A little extra curricular activity” as some might say, but the effects of this behavior haven’t really shown itself to you just yet. These behaviors can and will destroy relationships, marriages and lives. Not to mention they also can bring on severe consequences that will result in major losses in many areas such as employment, material holdings, your home, as well as financial ruin. You don’t see it now, but if you don’t get some help in understanding what addictive behaviors can do, those realistic consequences will be upon so fast you’ll never know what hit you. Right now, you’ve probably haven’t lost anything or have been affected by the behaviors. Until the behaviors are dealt with, they will most assuredly build momentum to where you’ll be convinced that there isn’t anything wrong with it. The last thing you’ll want to do is listen and be influenced by those who have no idea what you’re going through. And I bet the guys you spoke to were single with no cares in the world because they’re going to do what they want. Getting some help about your problem, since you’ve already admitted it, is crucial in you understanding the problem on the grand scale of things. Addictive behaviors can lead to illegal activities such as crime, fraud and drugs. If pornography is already in the mix, it will eventually lead to rape and everything that comes with it. So when you say you see nothing wrong with it, please understand that a lot of men and women who have been convicted of sexual crimes who started out thinking exactly like you are. Be of good courage, begin to seek out some help in getting to know everything you can about your problem, then apply that help to you own life and I will guarantee you’ll change your perspectives on how you see this issue, and probably will make adjustments accordingly. I pray, and sincerely hope you do my friend, sincerely I do!



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