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Posted by Men of Redemption on June 9, 2017


“I’m enjoying my support group a lot but my work schedule won’t permit me to make regular attendance consistently. I know my group leader tells me I need to be there but I can’t make it to group on some nights. What can I do to assure my group leader that I want to be there but work is not cooperating?      

We run into this situation all the time in our group. For one, your job is your livelihood, and we will never ask you to anything that would interfere with that. There are two directions you could go with this concern and either one can work to your benefit.

Talk with your Group Leader and see if the work involved can be made up. This option seems to work for a lot of guys in many groups because the work involved eventually gets completed. It lets the Group Leader know that he cares about getting his work done. It also gives the group member an opportunity stay involved with the group when he’s not in attendance as the group will extend they’re prayers for him to somehow get the time off that’s required and be with them. On the other hand, the member not in attendance is missing out on the live interaction with his group, the sharing and edification of one another and the accountability efforts for the group as a whole. This is where the frustration lies with most guys, not being there when they really need to be. But with a work schedule that has been in place for a while it’s hard to make the meetings when work isn’t cooperating so you might consider this option if you can’t get the time off.

Talk with your Boss and let him/her know what’s important to you on the night you have a group. This option will require some prayer and favor from the Lord, and it can be accomplished! On a day where you can meet with your boss, sit down with him/her and share what you’re doing on that given night. If you have the kind of working relationship where you can talk with your boss, share with them (in confidentiality) what your focus is on that night, maybe share a little about your struggles and what this group means to you when you attend regularly. Your boss needs to know what’s important to you when it comes to life, especially if you have a good relationship with them. Then, with some prayer, and the transparency you just share with you boss, maybe then they will consider making some modifications or actually making a decision to give you that night off permanently. It doesn’t always happen like that, but in some cases it truly does. Now, your boss just might say “No” to your request altogether, so you just accept their answer and inform your Group Leader of the decision and go from there. You have done all that you can do as far as making something happen. Your Group Leader should understand your dilemma and work with you within the guidelines and protocol of the group structure.

Now this isn’t the end of your request. You can still continue to pray, and ask God to make way where there was no way, and God can and will move upon hearts. You just never know. One day you just might walk into your job site and the boss wants to see you immediately and then says something like this . . . .

“I’ve given some thought to your request. You have been an outstanding employee for us for quite some time. After thinking about it carefully and what we’re doing here in the company, I think we can accommodate your request at this time. Your request is granted!”

Nothing but God my friend. Nothing but God Himself!



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