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Posted by Men of Redemption on July 4, 2017


Yes, on this date every year we celebrate our country’s independence, remembering the battles that were fought to gain freedom and independence. The men and women who risked their lives, fighting on the battle fronts because they believed in what our country stood for, freedoms for all mankind everywhere, that the future of this country would have a solid and formable foundation to stand on for many generations to come. They saw something in their purpose that will make a difference in the lives of their children, their grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on to risk everything they had so that we could have the freedoms we enjoy today. I’m grateful and thankful for their courage, fighting side-by-side knowing the battle was worth fighting for. Freedom costs something people. The one thing I think a lot of people miss is that it costs even more to maintain that freedom after you have achieved it.

Looking at how obtaining freedom through recovery works in familiar efforts, if we who are in recovery would take a serious look at what it took for those who fought for us centuries ago for us to get to this point in life it was much more than we could ever imagine. Yes, the battles were won and victory was obtained through commitment, dedication, determination, diligence and having the right mindset to go after what they thought was important to them. I see the same focus in recovery where men and women struggle with addictive behaviors, looking for freedom but don’t see or understand what the battle or battles are all about. It’s not about going to a counselor, having a few meeting, making minimal progression and after a several sessions you’re free from your behaviors. Not at all! Those of us who have and are still fighting, daily, to consistently walk in freedom are attempting to fight and risk everything so that those who are struggling and will be struggling have the same opportunity to enjoy that freedom like we are. I strongly believe we who are in recovery should evaluate where we are in our journey, and ask ourselves some serious questions: “Am I giving everything I got to this cause?; Am I in all the way with full purpose and intent on finishing the fight with victory in sight?; Am I committed, dedicated, determined, diligent and have the right mindset to move forward in this battle?” How can we go into recovery thinking that freedom will eventually come, all I have to do is attend a few meetings for a few months and freedom is right there. As an individual who has fought this battle and fighting it daily, I assure you without having these questions answered your journey in recovery will be in vain. I celebrate my freedom, walking in it daily because those that have gotten victory and paid the price for me to be able to see those victories, that I can experience those victories in my own life, and I am ever so thankful and grateful. I know what they had to endure. I’ve read their testimonies. I’ve listened to their struggles, and what they did to overcome and achieve walking in freedom to this day. They had things in place. They prepared themselves and they became focused. Those are the tangible efforts I learned from them that helped me start my journey and what’s helping me focused daily to maintain walking in my freedom.

So when I celebrate Independence Day I reflect back not only on my country and what those who fought for my freedoms did, but also on all fronts. We can be free on a general scale from a country’s perspective, but what about being free on a personal and spiritual front? I see so many men and women living their lives trapped, ensnared, in bondage by addictive behaviors, a life of compromise saturated with promiscuity, full of hurts, trauma that have remained suppressed because they’ve chosen to not deal with it because of the pain, that’s not freedom. Freedom, like a lot of things in life is a choice. We don’t have to live like that and those that are struggling can make that choice just like you decide to go do something you enjoy. If you’re someone who is struggling with that choice, talk to someone whom you trust, who will listen to your heart and let them know you want to make that choice to be free and ask him or her how can you make that happen. I pray that you do find the courage to step up to the plate and realize that the fastball that’s coming at you at 100 miles per hour can be hit and knocked out of the park if you’re committed, dedicated, determined, diligent, and have the right mindset my friend.

Just some thoughts from a brother who is grateful and thankful what God has done in his journey through the lives of those He has placed in my life to bring understanding, wisdom and instruction for me walk in freedom and begin to enjoy life as Christ intended for me to enjoy it, with purpose, intention and fullness of joy. That’s true freedom and independence!



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