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My Question on Recovery

Posted by Men of Redemption on July 12, 2017


“I joined a recovery group several months ago and I was relapse when I joined. To this day I remain in relapse because I hid my problem until I was thoroughly convinced that this was the group for me. Now, I want to stop my relapse and I’m struggling big time. What can I do?

Thank you for admitting you’re still in relapse. A lot of guys are right where you are and asking the same thing. What you want to begin doing is going to your support group leader and confiding in him, first of all that you are currently in relapse if he doesn’t already know. If you have that established relationship with him, confide in him as to why you’re in relapse, what’s going on in your life right now and all the busyness you have in place. Begin to share your heart with him, acknowledging everything, being transparent and honest, and then share with him what are you willing to do to move forward in getting the right help to meet you right where you are. After a careful and complete assessment of you sharing, the group leader will speak with the Facilitator of the group about it and they will come together on a plan that will work out for strengthening your recovery efforts and accountability protection. If more assistance is needed, perhaps counseling would  be suggested. But understand something-a support group is there for you to do exactly that, support you in your journey. We as group leaders can’t fix you. We can only support you, walk along side of you, and suggest the next level of support if needed. Most support group leaders are not licensed clinicians, counselors or therapists. We will only suggest available resources so that you can choose what’s the best option for you.



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